Viral Today


A woman in Texas bought a Chewbacca mask last week that makes Wookie sounds when you talk. Then she went on Facebook and livestreamed herself trying it on . . . and now it’s the most-viewed livestream EVER on Facebook. As of last night, it had over 130 million views. She got it at Kohl’s, so then they posted a video where three employees go to her house with a bunch of “Star Wars” toys for her kids, plus $2,500 in gift cards. They also gave her family three MORE Chewbacca masks, which are hard to come by now . . . Kohl’s, Target, Walmart, and Toys R Us are all sold out online because of the video.


Someone posted a video where two guys get into it after a road rage incident. Apparently it happened in Russia, but we don’t know when. There’s only one car in the video, and the driver has a GUN. And about 20 seconds in, he tries to SHOOT the other guy . . . but misses. So the other guy starts kicking the doors . . . jumping on the windshield . . . and basically destroys his car. And whoever posted the video set it to the song, “The Entertainer”.