Viral Today

A 19-year-old tried to rob a Crazy Wings in Norfolk Virginia on Sunday night, but the Asian couple who own the place were NOT having it. He pointed a gun at the woman running the register, but she grabbed the barrel . . . because she though it was FAKE. Then she wrestled it off him . . . her husband ran out of the kitchen and slashed him in the back with a MEAT cleaver . . . and they chased him out together. But the gun WASN’T fake. So the best part of the surveillance video is when the woman shoots at the floor, and realizes what she just got away with it. Copy and paste the link to see the video!


Do you know what disc golf is? It’s like golf, but you play with a Frisbee. And a player named Philo Brathwaite made a SICK shot at a tournament called the Beaver State Fling on Saturday. He even made it onto “SportCenter’s” Top Moments.