Box Office Breakdown


“Independence Day: Resurgence” (PG-13)
In the 20 years since the invasion, Earth scientists have been harvesting alien technology and using it to develop a defense system for when the aliens return. But bases on Mars, Saturn, and the moon may not be enough since the motherships are larger and deadlier than last time. We also WON’T have Will Smith fighting for us in the sequel. His character has a heroic off screen death so his son’s the hero now.
Jeff Goldblum, Bill Pullman, and Brent Spiner are all back from the first movie. Goldblum runs our defense program, Pullman is the former President, and Spiner is the Area 51 expert. Apparently he’s been in a coma since he was attacked in the first flick. Liam Hemsworth gets a lot of screen time as the pilot shuttling Goldblum around. And Maika Monroe is this movie’s eye candy. She’s taking over the role of the president’s daughter, which was originally played by Mae Whitman from “Parenthood.

“Free State of Jones” (R)
Matthew McConaughey plays a poor white farmer during the Civil War who refuses to keep fighting for the South just so rich plantation owners can keep their slaves. The final straw is an unfair law that let families who own over 20 slaves avoid being drafted. So he deserts the Confederate army and forms a group of freedom fighters with the other poor farmers and escaped slaves. And their rebellion led to Jones County, Mississippi seceding from the Confederacy to create their own free state.

“The Shallows” (PG-13)
Blake Lively plays a shark attack victim who’s stranded 200 yards from the shore with a great white circling and only a few hours left until high tide comes in and the waves cover the rock she’s using for shelter. It’s getting favorable reviews, and is being compared more to “Jaws” than to the crappy “Open Water” movies. The internet is also making a big deal about a seagull with a broken wing that’s stranded on the rock with her.