Viral Friday!


It’s been so long, I guess the people of Cleveland don’t know how to celebrate a championship right. Because there’s a video of some guy at the victory parade on Wednesday eating HORSE CRAP. It looks like he did it just to get a reaction out of the crowd . . . and it worked. Then he picked up a SECOND chunk . . . tossed it in the air . . . and caught it in his mouth. Nice job, Cleveland. Let’s hope it was staged as some kind of YouTube prank, and it’s fake.


A basketball player for a community college in Alabama tried to dunk over seven kids lined up in front of a basketball hoop . . . but only made it over SIX of them. So he nailed the last kid in the face with his CROTCH. And it’s even lamer, because he used a short hoop that wasn’t even regulation. Also, if you’re gonna dunk over seven children, you don’t make the last one a TALL kid.