Artist News


Someday, BLAKE SHELTON will stop talking about how wonderful his life is with GWEN STEFANI. This is not that day. CHELSEA HANDLER asked how their relationship started . . . as if she didn’t get the memo. He rehashed the whole deal about his marriage falling apart last year and that he was “at rock bottom.” Quote, “Next thing you know, this person that I kinda knew [is] going through basically the exact same thing, at the same time. “And this is how my life turned around . . . and so quickly, by the way. It’s like, ‘Woah.’ All of this has to be meant to happen.” She also asked if he’s happier than he’s ever been in his entire life. (As if he’d say no to that?) Obviously, he jumped on it. Quote, “There’s no question about that. Absolutely no question about that.”


KENNY CHESNEY is postponing the release of his new album, “Some Town Somewhere” . . . so it can include a duet with PINK. It was originally going to come out tomorrow, but it’s being pushed back to October 28th.

TYLER HUBBARD and his wife Hayley celebrated their one-year anniversary on July 1st. He posted a video of them hanging out, but it’s the song playing in the background that everyone’s talking about. It’s a new FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE track called “Smooth”, and it’s from their album “Dig Your Roots”, which is out August 28th.


JAKE OWEN released the audio of a new song called “Good Company”. It’s one of the tracks from his upcoming album “American Love”, which will be out July 29th.