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AJ Silver here! I lived in Lancaster CA until I was about 4, and have spent the remainder of my years in the Tri State area. I LOVE every aspect of my job every day!! I love to have a good time, and make sure I enjoy every second. I am a huge fan of music, film, and art! I love supporting local artists and have Aj's Artistic Freedom, so send your work to my email below! Just include a picture of your "art" and a short bio. I always love hearing from you so hit me up in the studio or through Facebook by clicking the link below! I like to have too much fun, so make sure you hook me up with stories (and pics) from your CRAZY weekends (or not so crazy)! We can compare!!! Cheers!

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by AJ Silver posted Oct 13 2015 5:41AM
Fail Army has a new compilation of people eating it while riding Electric Hoverboards, which aren't really hoverboards at all. They're self-balancing scooters . . . sort of like a Segway without the handles.

by AJ Silver posted Oct 13 2015 5:39AM
SARA EVANS kills it no matter what she sings! Here is a live version of pop singer SAM SMITH's "Lay Me Down"? You're welcome.

by AJ Silver posted Oct 13 2015 5:37AM
No nudity! Sorry for the disappointment!

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by AJ Silver posted Oct 12 2015 5:49AM
A cop in San Diego did the 'Whip Nae Nae' dance with some kids in the parking lot outside a Chargers game last weekend. He was on duty, and the kids were part of the El Cajon Falcons Football Team. After the video went viral, the police department posted about it on Facebook. Quote, "Contrary to popular belief, we don't take dance classes in the police academy."

by AJ Silver posted Oct 9 2015 6:57AM
We're three weeks from Halloween, but this might be the best decoration of the year. Someone built a "zombie containment unit" that looks like there's an actual zombie inside. It's a metal box with a TV screen on the front that looks like a window. And it shows a guy in zombie make-up banging on the glass. Plus the walls actually move when it shows him pounding on them. And right when it shows the glass break, you get blasted with compressed air.

Some guy in Florida is training for the show "American Ninja Warrior", where you have to run a crazy obstacle course. And he recently ran through a practice course in a tyrannosaurus rex costume.

A guy in Norway was using his new HD camera to shoot video of the northern lights earlier this week. And that part of the video alone is pretty cool to watch . . . but then a pod of WHALES swim by, so nature lovers are going nuts for it.

by AJ Silver posted Oct 9 2015 5:43AM
"Pan" (PG)
This is a "Peter Pan" prequel where Blackbeard kidnaps orphans to use as slave labor in a Neverland mine. Hugh Jackman is the villain, and Garrett Hedlund from "Friday Night Lights" is Hook . . . who helps Peter escape after Blackbeard finds out he can fly. A kid named Levi Miller plays Peter . . . your scandalous NON-Native American Tiger Lily is Rooney Mara . . . and you might recognize Amanda Seyfried as Peter's mother when she drops him off at the orphanage where his adventure starts.

"The Final Girls" (PG-13)
A horror comedy about a group of friends who get trapped inside a cult horror movie and team up with the movie's characters to fight off the machete-wielding serial killer. It stars Taissa Farmiga from the first season of "American Horror Story", The rest of the cast includes Nina Dobrev from "The Vampire Diaries", Alexander Ludwig from the first "Hunger Games", and Malin Akerman from "Watchmen".

"Steve Jobs" (R) (Limited release. It opens nationwide on the 23rd.)
Michael Fassbender is Apple founder Steve Jobs in a movie that covers his release of the Mac, his ousting from Apple, and his triumphant return with the iMac. It also features his strained relationship with his daughter, who he denied was his for years. Kate Winslet plays his marketing chief for the Macintosh launch, Jeff Daniels is the Apple CEO who forced Steve Jobs out of the company when the Mac failed to beat the PC, and Seth Rogen is in it as angry Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

by AJ Silver posted Oct 8 2015 5:37AM
Apparently it's impossible for kids to NOT do the Whip / Nae Nae dance when that song comes on . . . Two pee wee football teams were in the middle of a game in Milford, Massachusetts last Friday when it started playing over the loudspeaker. And about half of the players on BOTH teams stopped playing to dance to it. One team ended up scoring a touchdown because of it.

A video of two women fighting while they're in the middle of whitewater RAFTING is blowing up on YouTube. It happened in North Carolina, and apparently they're sisters who were both drunk. You don't see what started it . . . they're already pulling hair and trying to push each other out of the boat when the video starts. Meanwhile, the raft starts spinning out of control, because there's only one person paddling AND trying to break the fight up. There's also a fourth woman, but she just lies there the whole time looking drunk and helpless. WARNING: SOME LANGUAGE!!!

by AJ Silver posted Oct 7 2015 5:15AM
A drunk 19-year-old at the University of Connecticut walked into a cafeteria with an open beer Sunday night, and the manager told him to leave. So he caused a huge scene, and DEMANDED they give him some bacon jalapeno mac and cheese. His named is Luke Gatti, which we know because he refused to leave and kept shoving the manager. So one of the cooks put him in a full nelson, and pinned him down until a cop showed up and arrested him. He's facing charges, and it looks like he's been arrested twice before for disorderly conduct, including calling a cop a bad word.

by AJ Silver posted Oct 6 2015 5:30AM
Twelve people who work for a used car website in Canada pooled their money last month to buy a bunch of lottery tickets, and hit the jackpot for 46 MILLION BUCKS. And the great part is the guy who bought the tickets kept it a SECRET all weekend. He found out on a Saturday, but didn't tell any of them until their morning meeting the following Monday . . . which he showed up to in sandals and a t-shirt. And there's a video on YouTube of them going NUTS when they find out. They'll each get about $3.8 million, but they all say they're planning to KEEP their jobs for now.

A guy in Japan was hosting a livestream recently, where he was showing people how to use something called a "permanent match", which kind of looks like a matchbook. But there's a piece of metal with a wick on the end, and it needs oil to stay lit. Anyway, during the video he accidentally set the matchbook part on fire, and tossed it on the ground to stomp it out. But while he was doing that, he put the match part on a bag of TRASH. And while his back was turned, the trash caught fire. So he tried to smother it with some cardboard BOXES, which ALSO caught fire. And in the end, he had to evacuate his apartment. It's not clear what happened after that, or if anyone was hurt. But it's basically an inferno by the end of the video. There's also someone talking in a high-pitched robot voice through the whole thing. Apparently it was someone watching online, and they had some kind of weird effect on their voice. But it adds a little comic relief.

by AJ Silver posted Oct 2 2015 9:20AM
We're not sure where this happened, but there's a video of a guy giving a falconry lesson, and letting his pet falcon fly around near a highway. But right after he lets it go, it flies into the side of an oncoming truck and dies.

A bear went after a woman's kayak in Alaska recently, and she filmed the whole thing. She starts by thanking it for NOT eating her kayak. Then when it walks toward her, she PEPPER SPRAYS it. So it goes back to the kayak and rips into it. But the best part is how she talks to it in full sentences the whole time, like it's a person. She keeps calling it 'bear,' and kept pleading with it to leave her kayak alone. Because bears are known for their sharp negotiating skills. (???) Then she freaked out because she was all by herself, so she was stranded there. She ended up having to swim out to a boat that was anchored offshore, and they took her to the closest town to get her kayak patched up.

A bunch of sorority girls were at an Arizona Diamondbacks game on Wednesday. And the announcers made fun of them, because they weren't watching the game at all . . . they just kept posing for selfies with their FOOD.

by AJ Silver posted Oct 2 2015 5:50AM
"The Martian" (PG-13)
Matt Damon plays an astronaut stranded on Mars after a fierce storm forces his crew to abort their mission. Jessica Chastain is the commander who made the decision to leave him behind during their evacuation, thinking he was dead. He's stuck with only a month's worth of food and the knowledge that no one can get back to the planet for another 4 years. So when NASA rejects a risky plan to get him more supplies, Jessica and the rest of her crew mutiny and decide to risk it anyway. The ship's crew includes Michael Pena, Kate Mara, and Sebastian Stan from "The Winter Soldier" . . . plus Donald Glover has a cameo as the NASA engineer on Earth who figures out how to get the ship back to Mars to give Matt a chance at surviving.

"The Walk" (PG) (On 448 IMAX screens. It opens nationwide next week.)
Joseph Gordon Levitt plays the first and only man to walk a tightrope between the towers of the World Trade Center. It's based on a true story about a French guy named Philippe Petit, who did it in 1974. Since what he did was completely illegal, people referred to it as the "artistic crime of the century." He and his friends actually had to sneak their equipment into the building, and then use a BOW AND ARROW to shoot their support lines across the gap. Ben Kingsley plays his mentor, and it's directed by Robert Zemeckis, the guy who did "Forrest Gump", and the "Back to the Future" movies.

"Sicario" (R) (Expanding nationwide after last month's limited release.)
Emily Blunt plays an FBI agent on a drug task force working both sides of the Mexican border. Josh Brolin is the guy who recruits her, and Benicio Del Toro is their consultant on the other side of the border. The word "sicario" means hitman in Spanish.

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