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It's Amazing What Soap Can Do (Another Story of My Clumsiness)

by JD posted May 8 2013 11:16PM
There is no good time to splatter detergent  all over yourself, but right outside the laundromat is probably the best place.

I was carrying my laundry basket inside. My big jug of detergent was inside the basket, balanced precariously atop my towels, clothes, etc. The bottle began to slide and I knew it was going to fall. I caught it by the cap just as it fell free from the basket. Unfortunately the cap wasn't sturdy enough and gave way. The bottle fell to the asphalt and splashed bright blue soap all over me.

I stood there for a moment, stunned motionless. What do you do when something like that happens; when you've just had a potentially embarrasing experience right outside in a relatively busy place? Right, you look around to see if anybody saw it. I looked, and while there were plenty of people in the vicinity, none of them were paying attention to me. 

I pulled a towel from the basket and wiped myself off with it. And when I say I was covered in detergent, I mean it. It was on my pants, it was on my shirt, it was on my shoes, it was on my hat, droplets of the stuff were on my eyeglass lenses, and it was on my face and hands. A little more and I could have passed for a member of the Blue Man Group.  

But it all worked out. The detergent I wiped off my person just meant I needed that much less in the washing machine. I try to be optimistic about these things, tough as it sometimes is. Ignore the dampness from the drying soap and enjoy the fact that you now smell REALLY clean. That's what I tried to do. Cheers.
05/08/2013 11:16PM
It's Amazing What Soap Can Do (Another Story of My Clumsiness)
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