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Hey Tri-State! I wanted to first thank everyone for all the support over the last few years. Working at WAYZ has been an awesome experience and it is mainly because of you. A little about me? Well, I am from Reading, Pa and went to York College to earn my degree in Speech Communication. I am in a sorority, Delta Phi Epsilon, and my sisters have had a huge impact on my life. I have great friends and an even better family. My younger brother David is my best friend and I am so blessed to have such a great sibling. I rescued a 3 legged cat, named Uno, who makes me smile everyday. I have always been a very upbeat, annoying girl who always has a smile on her face. Lastly, I couldn’t imagine working so closely with anyone other than Tiny. Tiny has become one of my greatest friends and I am so glad we got paired up to try and make your mornings a little brighter!  I have always loved radio and microphones and I am so lucky that now I get paid to talk on one. It’s fantastic! Feel free to email me at anytime with requests, stories…anything! Thanks again for making my job the best job in the world.

Our dear Katy is leaving us to start a new adventure in her life, please â€‹click HERE to hear Katy's Announcement!

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Posts from December 2013
by Katy posted Dec 30 2013 6:22AM
My brother and his girlfriend got me the most amazing Christmas present.  They collected photos from when we were children and made a beautiful collage.  I can't remember I cried opening a gift and this one had me in tears.  I hope youhad a wonderful Christmas, filled with laughter and memories.  Best wishes in 2014!

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by Katy posted Dec 19 2013 9:24AM
It has been a true privilege to work with Tori Anderson for the last 4 years.  It's hard to believe December 20th came so quickly.  We will surely miss her at WAYZ. 

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by Katy posted Dec 18 2013 9:26AM

If you're having family over for the holidays, you know the electric bill can easily get out of hand.  Here are some ways to help save energy. 

1. Use LED lights on the tree and in decorations. You can light your whole tree for the same energy used by ONE old-school seven-watt incandescent Christmas light. And LEDs last ten times longer.

 2. Use timers to shut off your yard displays at night.

3. Switch out your non-holiday lights for those CFL bulbs in any guest rooms and common areas. Especially if you're having people overnight. Every CFL bulb you install saves you $50 over its lifetime.

4. Remind everyone to turn lights and ceiling fans OFF when they leave a room. For one ceiling fan and one light, turning them off when the room is empty is worth $7 a month on your electric bill.

5. Use the interior light when you need to check on food, instead of opening the oven door. It keeps a lot of heat from escaping, and your food will cook faster.

6. Use glass or ceramic pans for cooking food in the oven. They heat up faster than metal pans, so you can set a lower temperature for the same cook time.

7. Use small appliances to cook side dishes. For the things that can fit, a crock pot, microwave, or toaster oven will save a lot of energy over using the regular oven.

8. Turn off your desktop computer. A laptop uses 50% to 80% less energy than a desktop. And an iPad is even better.

9. Get Energy Star appliances. For larger appliances, always look for the Energy Star logo. You can reduce energy usage by up to 40% over models that don't have it.

10. Use solar-powered pathway lights. They're cheap to buy and you never plug them in. And your grandma doesn't fall coming up the sidewalk, so it's a win all around.

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by Katy posted Dec 13 2013 10:59AM

What are some other things you ALWAYS say but rarely ever mean?  Here are seven of the most common answers:

1.  "Let's get together soon."  You may WANT to hang out with the person soon, but how often do you follow up and actually make it happen?

2.  "I hate that."  You don't really HATE minor little things.

3.  "What?"  You heard what the person said but didn't pause for even a second to process it without instinctively saying, "What?"

4.  "I'm so sorry."  You're not really that sorry.

5.  "I'll definitely consider it."  That means you already HAVE considered it, the answer is NO, but you're deflecting.

6.  "Bless you."  After someone sneezes, we say it to be polite . . . not to actually bless someone.

7.  "I'll just do it tomorrow."  You probably won't.

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by Katy posted Dec 12 2013 10:06AM
LEANN RIMES used a secret weapon to keep her emotions in check during her tribute to PATSY CLINE at Tuesday's ACAs.  Every time she started to cry, she would think about SEX.

 She says, quote, "It was intense.  [Patsy's] touched so many people.  Then about halfway through 'Crazy' you see people who start to cry and then you're like, oh my God.

 "My guitar player, he's always giving me the trick that works, he's like, 'always think about sex when you start to cry.'  And I was thinking about sex a lot through the whole thing.  By the end of it, it was just such an emotional moment for me."


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by Katy posted Dec 6 2013 9:02AM
Who should you be tipping this holiday season?  Here's a quick guide.

1. Mailmen. They can accept gifts worth up to $20, but not cash or gift cards. UPS and FedEx workers CAN accept cash. And paperboys should get 10 to 20 dollars, or a small gift. Paperboys are people who deliver something called a "newspaper."

2. Doormen. At least $20, and up to $100. A handyman should get between $20 and $50 if they helped you out a lot, and a super should get cash or a gift card worth $50.

3. Day care workers. Cash is best. Think about pitching in with other parents and giving each worker between $100 and $300.

4. Teachers. A small gift, or something for the classroom.

5. Babysitters. Between one day and one week's worth of pay. The same goes for people like hairstylists, housekeepers, gardeners, and personal trainers.

6. Garage Attendants. Cash, or a gift worth between $10 and $50.

7. Garbage Men. Around $20, or a $20 gift. If you give cash, make sure they're allowed to accept it. You don't NEED to tip anyone who works on salary, or anyone who OWNS a business.
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by Katy posted Dec 5 2013 9:42AM
1. There's only one U.S. state name that's one syllable. Maine. You can now spend a few minutes trying to prove this wrong.

 2. MACAULAY CULKIN and RYAN GOSLING are the same age. They were both born in 1980 and are 33.

 3. If they hadn't been killed, ANNE FRANK and MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. would be the same age. They were both born in 1929 and would both be 84. They're also the same age as BARBARA WALTERS.

 4. There are 170 million insects alive for every person alive today.

 5. Kangaroos have two uteri, so they can constantly be pregnant.

 6. "The Flintstones" was the first show to feature the sound of a flushing toilet on TV, and the first to show a couple sleeping in the same bed in primetime.

 7. The original name of Bank of America was Bank of Italy.

 8. At one point in time, you were the youngest person on Earth.

 9. No one knows who invented the fire hydrant . . . because the patent was lost in a fire.

 10. There are only three remaining Americans who were born in the 1800s. All three are women born in 1899, making them 114.

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