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Mean Temps and An Ode to the Seasons

by JD posted Jan 27 2014 4:56PM
I realize I've said it a million times, but it really annoys me when people complain about the cold in the middle of winter. Anyone who has lived on the east coast their entire life knows what the weather is going to be like in the winter.

Hint: COLD.

This year has been no different. Well, actually it's been somewhat colder than usual. In Hagerstown, WAYZ's city of license, the average high temperature for January is 38°F, the average low is 21°. So it's been colder than the average low for several days over the past few weeks.

Now some people think that means we'll have an early spring. Honestly, I don't know where they're getting that idea. It's not as though there's a quota for cold days and if we get them out of the way early the rest of the year we'll have warm weather.

Besides, as predictable as winters usually are, summers are usually just as predictable. The thing that drives me up a wall is that many times the people complaining about the cold will turn around and complain about the heat as soon as summer comes. They're never happy!

The thing I've come to realize is that we can't do anything about the weather except endure it. What's the alternative? Never go outside again. Or move. So we deal with it. But take heart: the winter won't last forever; it will eventually end, just as every other winter has. Just as every other season has. I find that to be very comforting. Cheers.
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01/27/2014 4:56PM
Mean Temps and An Ode to the Seasons
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