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AJ Silver here! I lived in Lancaster CA until I was about 4, and have spent the remainder of my years in the Tri State area. I LOVE every aspect of my job every day!! I love to have a good time, and make sure I enjoy every second. I am a huge fan of music, film, and art! I love supporting local artists and have Aj's Artistic Freedom, so send your work to my email below! Just include a picture of your "art" and a short bio. I always love hearing from you so hit me up in the studio or through Facebook by clicking the link below! I like to have too much fun, so make sure you hook me up with stories (and pics) from your CRAZY weekends (or not so crazy)! We can compare!!! Cheers!

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Movies this Weekend

by AJ Silver posted May 24 2013 12:37PM

"Fast & Furious 6" (PG-13)

The Rock asks Vin Diesel to reassemble his crew to help him take down a team of mercenary drivers who've been leaving a trail of bodies across 12 countries. Dom's not interested until he finds out that his dead girlfriend Letty is still alive . . . and that she's one of the mercenaries they're hunting. Michelle Rodriguez plays Letty, and Luke Evans is the villain who's been exploiting her amnesia. So, Dom agrees to help in exchange for full pardons for himself and the rest of his crew . . . Paul Walker, Ludacris, Tyrese Gibson, Sung Kang, and Isreali minx Gal Gadot. MMA minx Gina Carano is also in it as a member of The Rock's team.

"The Hangover Part III" (R)  (Opened Thursday)

The third installment in the wolfpack trilogy picks up two years after the last film. Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, and Justin Bartha are all living quiet lives now, but Zach Galiafinakis' character Alan has come off his meds and is still feeling lost.
The guys stage an intervention for Alan, but they're attacked on the way to rehab and Doug is kidnapped by John Goodman's thugs. And Goodman won't let Doug go until the wolfpack helps to get back the $21 million that Chow stole.

"Epic" (PG) 
Amanda Seyfried stars in this CGI animated movie about a teenage girl who's recruited by tiny warriors for a battle to save Mother Nature, after accidentally being shrunk down to their size. Jason Sudeikis plays her dad, Josh Hutcherson is the rookie warrior who finds her, Beyoncé plays his queen, and Colin Farrell is the leader of her warriors. It's also got Steven Tyler doing the voice of a caterpillar, Pitbull as the voice of the toad, and Christoph Waltz as the villain.

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05/24/2013 12:37PM
Movies this Weekend
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