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Afternoons with AJ Silver

Artistic Freedom

If you are an artist in any medium, AJ wants to see your work! It doesn’t matter if you are a photographer, writer, musician, etc. as long as you are creating something and it’s your original work we want to see it!!! Email pictures of your work or mp3 files to and put Artistic Freedom in the subject line! Every Thursday AJ is going to choose an artist to be featured on his blog and facebook page! We want local artists to be seen and heard so submit your work today!

Useless Knowledge

Every weekday at 4:20 catch up on the things that you may often wonder about with AJ’s Useless Knowledge! AJ will give you a Useless Knowledge question, and you can give him a call at 1-888-950-1047 and let him know what you think! You learn something new, AJ learns something new, and have fun doing it… Be sure to email your Useless Knowledge question to and then be listening for your question on “Useless Tuesday”…when you hear your question be used call AJ and he will hook you up with a WAYZ prize pack!

The 6 o'clock Shootout

Weeknights at 6:00pm, AJ Silver presents The 6 O'Clock Shoot Out.  Two songs go head to head. The song with the most votes wins and carries over to the next night to go up against a new young gun. Now it’s up to you to call in at 888-950-1047 and tell him which gun you are rooting for. Exercise your right to vote with The Six O'Clock Shoot Out on 104.7 WAYZ.

Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter

Every Tuesday afternoon between 5 and 6 Jennifer from the CVAS comes in and the mayhem begins! If you can open up your heart and your home to a furry four-legged friend be listening Tuesday afternoons or go to the Animal Shelter’s web site by clicking here or call them at (717) 263-5791.

Three of a Kind

Every Friday at 5P it’s 3 of a kind! AJ will play three songs back to back that have something in common. Listen for the theme of the day in the 3P hour and you can give AJ a call at 888-950-1047 and let him know what song you want to hear in that theme!  The theme could be anything from songs about breakup, songs about fishing, or maybe you have an idea for a theme! The only stipulation is your song request must be associated with the theme of the day! Email if you have an idea for a theme! Be sure to get your request in! 
Tiny & Krystle