The Odd News File: June 21, 2016

The Odd News File

June 21, 2016

A guy in Leeds, England was about to head to work last week, when he saw a suspicious device strapped to the bottom of his car.  So he called the cops, because he thought it might be a BOMB. He’s a military veteran, so he and the cops both agreed it was possible that a terrorist might target him. The bomb squad rushed to his house, and started making plans to evacuate all the schools and houses nearby. But RIGHT before they could start getting people out, they figured out what the device REALLY was. It turns out it was a GPS tracker that the guy’s WIFE had secretly put on his car, to monitor him. The cops didn’t say why she wanted to track him.  And as far as we know, no charges have been filed.


A Jonesboro, Arkansas man named Derrick Thomas was in court last week.  It was for a hearing on an indecent exposure charge . . . he was arrested last month for lying on a sidewalk sans clothes. But apparently one indecent exposure charge just wasn’t enough to satisfy him. Because after he got out of court, he quickly disrobed again, ran BACK into the courtroom . . . and yelled, quote, “Court is back in session!” A cop tackled him and took him to a holding cell, and he was hit with new charges for indecent exposure, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and obstructing governmental operations. So why did he do it?  Apparently it was for his LEGACY.  The police report says Derrick told the cops, quote, “They will put on his tombstone that he was the one that was naked in the courtroom.”.