Viral Tuesday

A recent semifinalist on “Poland’s Got Talent” did a magic trick on a Polish TV show the other day, where you slam your hand down on paper bags, and one of them has a NAIL in it. But he had one of the co-hosts do one, and something went wrong . . . because she ended up with a nail stuck in her HAND and immediately started screaming. Luckily the wound wasn’t as bad as it sounds, and she’ll be okay. But she went to the hospital for antibiotics and a tetanus shot.

A skydiver delivered the game ball for a soccer match in Oklahoma City last Tuesday. And he posted his helmet-cam footage of it, because his parachute got TANGLED right after it opened. So he had to cut it loose and use his reserve chute. Luckily that one worked, and he landed in the stadium like he was supposed to. But the video is pretty intense.