Viral Thursday

MSNBC was trying to cut to a reporter at Hillary Clinton’s campaign stop in Charlotte, North Carolina on Tuesday. But they accidentally cut to a live feed of the Hall and Oates song “You Make My Dreams Come True”. Then Brian Williams said they were trying again . . . and they cut to the same song.

Some CrossFit guy in California recently went to Muscle Beach disguised as an 84- year-old man, and made people think he was super strong. There’s one point in the video where another dude challenges him to a lift-off. But it seems like he was in on it. And after the ‘old guy’ beats him, he starts doing handstand push-ups.

It’s not clear where this happened, but a guy was filming fireworks with his drone, and spotted someone shooting them off in the middle of a neighborhood. And apparently something went wrong, because instead of going up, they were shooting into people’s front yards