Useless Knowledge Recap 8/15/16

Useless Knowledge

Q: In America this piece of technology was originally called the “Sound About”?

A: The Sony Walkman


Useless Knowledge

Q: This animals heart can weigh as much as a car?

A: A blue Whale. There tongue can weigh as much as an elephant too!


Useless Knowledge

Q: What do these 3 mammals have in common: Orcas, pilot whales, and humans?

A: They are the only 3 mammals that go through menopause.


Useless Knowledge

Q: There are only 8 countries that don’t have this?

A: An official language. Pakistan, Ethiopia, Somalia, Eritrea, Costa Rica, Bosnia-Herzegovian, The United Kingdom, and The United States.


Useless Knowledge

Q: Some of these insects never eat anything as an adult?

A: Some moths because they don’t have mouths. They must live on the energy they stored as caterpillars.