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Nobody needs extra incentive to tear into a bag of Fritos, but here’s one anyway. If you buy a bag from now through the end of the year, you can get a free download of GARTH BROOKS‘ new song, “Baby, Let’s Lay Down and Dance”. It’s from his upcoming studio album, which will be out soon.

CHRIS YOUNG is asking fans coming to his “I’m Comin’ Over Tour” to bring a new, unwrapped toy or book. They’ll be donated to the Toys for Tots charity in each local community

LINDSAY ELL does a stripped-down version of the song “Eyes Off You” on CMT’s “Next Women of Country Live”.

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ERIC CHURCH isn’t flashy, but he is making decent money . . . so somebody asked if he’s ever dug deep and made an indulgent purchase. He has, and the story around it is pretty funny. He always wanted a gold watch like the one his grandfather was given after retiring from the police force. So, one time when he and his wife were in New York City he got the idea to buy a couple of Rolexes. One for him, and one for her. He says, quote, “It turns out SYLVESTER STALLONE had just come in the store with his staff to celebrate the last ‘Rocky’ movie. “So I’m thinking I’m gonna walk in and impress them by buying TWO Rolexes, and they go, ‘Yeah, we just sold 16 to Sylvester Stallone.’ I thought, ‘Well, [crap], there goes that.'”

The ELI YOUNG BAND started out as a college band . . . and we can thank MIKE ELI‘s dad for that. He told his parents that he wanted to be a musician and wasn’t interested in college. He got two very different reactions from that. His mom told him to go follow his dream because she believed in him. She said if anybody could do it, he could. But his dad, well, I’ll let Mike tell you how that went down. Quote, “He said, ‘Son, the last 10 years of your life I’ve been working three jobs for you to have an opportunity to go to college. “You go to college and make something of yourself. I promise the good Lord right here, right now, if you do not go to college I will kick your ass.'” Obviously, Mike wasn’t about to defy his dad . . . but it totally worked out because all the band members ended up meeting each other within the first week of school.

We’ve finally heard from someone who can shed a little more light on what went down after MEGHAN LINSEY was sexually assaulted by a music industry big shot in 2010. Her former STEEL MAGNOLIA bandmate, JOSHUA SCOTT JONES, talked to Fox News . . . and he has strong feelings about the cover-up that happened afterwards. He said, quote, “[Meghan] should address the fact that our manager was a woman, who was very instrumental in hushing her about this individual’s remarks and talking me out of whipping his ass. Just another corrupt power play in [the] music industry.” Meanwhile, the president of Big Machine Records, which was their label at the time, is claiming they had NO IDEA that it even happened. He said they’ve found no record of it, and that Meghan never told anyone. He also said they would never condone that kind of behavior or ask an artist to stay quiet. Quote, “Had it come to our attention, we would have certainly acted quickly and decisively on her behalf.”