Useless Knowledge Recap Week Of 10-10-16

Useless Knowledge

Q: Everybody does it, but in a week, men do it a half an hour longer than women?

A: Eat

Useless Knowledge

Q: The average American sees almost 5,000 of these in a month?

A: French Fries.

Useless Knowledge

Q: This company gets sued approximately 20 times a day?

A: Walmart gets sued approximately 20 times a day. Most of them are employees filing discrimination claims or lawsuits about overtime pay.

Useless Knowledge

Q: Almost half of the people who will buy a mini van this year have something in common.

A: They have no children.

Useless Knowledge

Q: You use one almost every day and you can replace them for as little as $5, but the first one in 1981, cost $20,000?

A: A computer mouse