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MIRANDA LAMBERT announced the dates of her Highway Vagabond Tour. It kicks off January 26th in Evansville, Indiana . . . and runs through March 19th in Grand Rapids, Michigan. OLD DOMINION and AUBRIE SELLERS are the openers. Hit up for details.

KIP MOORE is releasing a five-song EP on October 28th. It’s called “Underground” and the title refers to the songs he’s written and performed, but never recorded. Quote, “Everywhere we go, fans ask for the recordings of these underground songs that they’ve been hearing for the last few years.”

There’s no shortage of imagery in CARRIE UNDERWOOD‘s “Dirty Laundry” video. It was filmed in black-and-white and features snakes, peacocks, lions, owls . . . plus a broken wine glass, a flaming doorknob, and shoes that on fire.

CHASE BRYANT wanted to push the limits with his “Room to Breathe” video, so he stepped up the production levels and make it look like a mini James Bond movie.

BRETT ELDREDGE put on a tux and took his very attractive mom to some kind of formal event. He posted a photo of them on social media and wrote, “My lovely date to the ball. Love ya, mom.”

My lovely date to the Ball…love ya mom

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It’s not easy breaking into country music, so why not get a head start with an online class taught by REBA MCENTIRE? She’ll help you learn what makes a killer song, vocal techniques, plus the always helpful, inside tips. Pre-enrollment is going on now at 20 lessons will set you back 90 bucks.

KELSEA BALLERINI has a lot of things in common with TAYLOR SWIFT . . . but the most important one has to be that inner drive they both have to succeed. You can’t make it as a country artist without it. You can’t be lazy either, which is why both of them are songwriting machines. Kelsea had 250 songs in the can when she got her first songwriting deal . . . and then proceeded to write non-stop for a year-and-a-half after that. She tells “Billboard”, quote, “When I was younger, I heard that for every 100 songs you write, you get 10 good ones and one hit [record] . . . and that’s proven to be so true. There’s a lot of really, really terrible ones.” If those terrible songs get her down, well, she gets to call Taylor. Quote, “She’s like my big sister. She’s walked this so gracefully, so she’s the person that I go to when I’m like, ‘Hey, this is what I’m struggling with right now. How do I navigate this?'” When it comes to role models, Kelsea does cast a wider net. Quote, “I’ve always been drawn to strong women in every genre. People who push the boundaries because they’re just epic.”