Useless Knowledge Recap Week Of 10-17-16

Useless Knowledge

Q: This widely popular book was first published in 1878?

A: The first phone book was published in 1878 in New Haven, Connecticut. It didn’t have phone numbers . . . just a list of subscribers, and you’d call the operator and ask to be connected to one of them.

Useless Knowledge

Q: Almost 7,000 people a year are injured by this common household item?

A: A pillow

Useless Knowledge

Q: Americans throw away around $62 million worth of this every year?

A: Coins

Useless Knowledge

Q: This tech company started in 1938 in Korea as a company that exported food like dried fish to China?

A: Samsung

Useless Knowledge

Q: This beer company has the oldest logo in the world?

A: Stella Artois, It’s been used since the brewery was founded in Belgium in 1366.