Useless Knowledge Recap Week Of 12-5-16

Useless Knowledge

Q: Approximately one out of every eight workers in the United States has worked for this company at some point in their lives.

A: McDonald’s

Useless Knowledge

Q: Married men say a woman who has one of THESE makes a better wife?

A: A brother

Useless Knowledge

Q: Almost half of us admit we yelled for help when THIS happened in the house?

A: Ran out of toilet paper.

Useless Knowledge

Q: Enough of these are made in a year for every man, woman and child to have 40 each?

A: Donuts

Useless Knowledge

Q: Only two countries have the word “The” in their official name, name one of them?

A: The Bahamas . . . and The Gambia. Other countries that we think of with “The,” like the Netherlands or the Ukraine, don’t have it as part of their official name.