Useless Knowledge Recap Week Of 12-19-16

Useless Knowledge

Q: You will most likely eat 11,000 of these in your life time.

A: M&M’s

Useless Knowledge

Q: The first of this Christmas tradition began in 1510?

A: The first decorated Christmas tree.

Useless knowledge

Q: We use these every Christmas and they were first used in 1882?

A: Electric Christmas lights were first used in 1882.

Useless Knowledge

Q: J.W. Parkinson department store in Philadelphia was the first to do this at Christmas in 1841?

A: They were the first department store to feature a visit with Santa. Astonishingly, no other department stores copied this event until 1890 when a store in Boston repeated it.

Useless Knowledge

Q: Fifty-three percent of Americans claim they will do this at Christmas?

A: “Re-gift”