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RASCAL FLATTS brought in some talent for their “Yours If You Want It” video. We’re talking KRISTY SWANSON from the original “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” movie . . . and KEVIN FARLEY, who plays Mitch on “Still The King”

BRAD PAISLEY recorded another one of those “Nationwide is on your side” commercials. He posted a clip online and wrote, “Check out my latest song with @Nationwide. Sure to be a big hit.”

New album coming soon! In the meantime, check out my latest song with @nationwide. Sure to be a big hit.

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DIERKS BENTLEY wants you to give his wife Cassidy some money . . . which she will then turn over to charity. He Tweeted that she’s running the Boston Marathon and will be raising money for Safe Haven Family Shelter. The race is April 17th. Get details HERE

JAKE OWEN posted a video online warning fans about “fake social media accounts” run by scammers who pretend to be country stars. Apparently, they try to trick innocent people into giving them money. It’s on his radar because he’s been hearing about this from his fans, and from other country stars, like Randy Houser, Lee Brice, and Luke Bryan. Here’s a little of what he said, quote, “These [fake artists] have, like, 20 followers, so it’s obvious that they’re not me or whomever. So, ignore these people. Don’t give them the time of day. “If they reach out to you in a direct message telling you that they need your money or they need you to help them out because life’s so tough on the road, just tell them to [get lost]. I speak on behalf of all of us as artists . . . we’d never do that to you. “We’d never send personal messages asking you to send us money and help us.”

Most country concerts feature a big time headliner, and a couple of opening acts. Unless it’s a festival, of course. But there are also co-headline tours where two stars will take turns closing the show from night to night. Well, here’s an interesting story about one of those. As you may know, JUSTIN MOORE and LEE BRICE have been co-headlining the American Made Tour . . . but neither one of them wants to be the big shot who closes the show. The reason is because they’re both family men who have kids that get up early. So, the last thing they want to do on the road is perform late into the night and screw up their sleep routine. Justin says, quote, “Typically, on these type of tours, we’ve always bickered over who’s gonna close. “He and I are getting to the point in our careers [where] we’re like, ‘Man, do you wanna close tonight?’ I can have my PJs on by nine o’clock if [you go last.]”