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Speaking of baby bumps and bikinis, THOMAS RHETT’s wife Lauren put her tiny one on display on the shore while holding a fish. She wrote, “Caught this little guy on our last day. He swam up to say bye . . . and then I stuck him back in deeper water because some birds were looking at him pretty hard.”

LUKE BRYAN went all rock star and SMASHED a guitar to pieces during a recent show in Greenville, South Carolina. And then he paid it forward by handing out guitar fragments as souvenirs.

One good turn deserves another. KEITH URBAN got a free hockey lesson from Montreal Canadians forward Andrew Shaw. He even got to wear the jersey. So, he returned the favor by giving Andrew a private guitar lesson.

DIERKS BENTLEY’s Whiskey Row Restaurant in Gilbert, Arizona refused admittance to a man because of his neck tattoos. And then the news got out that one of the tattoos was the number 22, which represents the number of veterans who commit suicide each day because of PTSD . . . so they made amends.

PRESIDENT TRUMP is about to get an earful from GARTH BROOKS. As you may know, the President’s new budget would eliminate the National Endowment for the Arts, and Garth’s not happy about it. He told “Billboard”, quote, “It’s worth fighting for. You can’t let those arts go. You just can’t. It’s what defines our generation. It’s what defines your country. “So, yeah, you can bet that we’ll be yakkin’ in somebody’s ear and start talking and start working up there and try to figure out who to go and talk to and represent the arts, ’cause whatever the result is, it’s your job to try.” Let’s be clear, here . . . he’s not talking against the President, he’s just doesn’t agree with the proposed cut, and he plans to argue his point. He also thinks it’s wrong that we’ve gotten to the point in politics where you can’t disagree . . . about anything. Quote, “I don’t know where all of the sudden we’ve gotten to where there are 10 subjects and [if] we don’t agree on one of the 10, we can’t get along? We CAN all get along, but the thing is, you can’t cut the arts.”