Trending Wednesday

RONNIE DUNN dropped $2.25 million for a horse ranch in Nashville, and I love how describes it. Quote, “[The] completely fenced parcel of land contains grassy meadows, mature trees and foliage, a stream, and a barn, all conveniently located within chipping distance of the Harpeth Hills Golf Course.”

This is no surprise. The most Tweeted event from Sunday’s ACMs was Florida Georgia Line and the Backstreet Boys performing “God, Your Mama, And Me”, and “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)”. That was followed by Jason Aldean winning Entertainer of the Year, and Thomas Rhett taking home Song of the Year for “Die A Happy Man”.

“People” has a slide show featuring the stuff CHRIS LANE did on Sunday as he prepped for the ACMs. Important things like practicing his golf swing . . . pumping up his biceps . . . and popping mints into his mouth before the red carpet.

I’m sure BRETT ELDREDGE doesn’t have to look very far to find a date. He’s got that tall, handsome country star thing working for him. But the single life can get old no matter who you are. I mean, even George Clooney cashed it in. Well, somebody at the ACMs asked Brett about his dating status, and he flat out admitted that he’s ready to commit. Quote, “I’m just wanting to find that gal that wants my heart. Because I’m ready to give it.” The relationship thing has been on his mind for a while because he’s been pouring stuff like that into his next record. Quote, “I’ve been writing about the search for love, [the] want for love and searching for it and how to find it. I’m very specific with what I want to find . . . and that’s where I’m at.” Brett’s new album is supposed to come out sometime this year.

Country stars love talking about how healthy they eat . . . with their veggie platters and skinless chicken breasts. That’s fine, I guess . . . but boring. I’m more interested in hearing about what they WANT to eat. And that’s why I Iike BRIAN KELLEY of Florida Georgia Line admitting he has a craving that I can totally get down with. Quote, “If I [drive] by a Krispy Kreme and the hot sign’s on, hell yeah. “I don’t care what time of day it is, I’m going in. That’s a Kelley family rule. If you drive by, you have to go in. If you see it, there’s a reason you saw it. You go.” He does have one limit. He won’t do the Krispy two days in a row. Why? Who knows.