Useless Knowledge Recap Week Of 10-16-17

Useless Knowledge

Q: 24% of employer said they will not hire someone for this reason?

A: Showing up late to the interview.

Useless Knowledge

Q: 60% of adults said they owned a pair of THESE when they were younger. What were they?

A: Roller skates!

Useless Knowledge

Q: If you have trouble sleeping – experts say you should try doing THIS 2 hours before bedtime.

A: Wear sunglasses!

Useless Knowledge

Q: 50% of adults in a new survey said THIS is the most un-thoughtful gift anyone can buy for them. What is it?

A: Lotion!

Useless Knowledge

Q: 52% of college students have done THIS in the past week. What is it?

A: Drank an energy drink!