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Miranda Lambert, Morgan Wallen, & Shaboozey



In today’s Honky Tonk Truth, Miranda Lambert found a mini me at a concert, Morgan Wallen picks cats or dogs, and Shaboozey is #1 on the Billboard Hot 100.


  • Miranda Lambert was performing on stage when she saw what she called “the cutest little cowgirl” and brought her on stage. Turns out the little girl’s name is also Miranda and she was actually named after Miranda Lambert. Her mother was so inspired by Miranda that she named her daughter after her.

  • Morgan Wallen has been touring all over the world and recently set an attendance record in the U.K. and talking with him he shared if he prefers cats or dogs:


  • Shaboozey has been setting the world on fire with his song “A Bar Song (Tipsy)”. It’s already been on the top of the Billboard Hot County Songs chart and now it’s #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. This makes him the first Black male artist to do this. Shaboozey has been making music for over a decade and when asked how this new success feels he said “We were pretty prepared for this moment”

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