Top 5@9 with JD

It’s the only countdown determined solely by your requests. Every night at 9 JD presents the five most requested songs of the day. It’s the top 5@9! Fill out the form to send your

Useless Knowledge

Every weekday at 7:10am catch up on the things that you may often wonder about with AJ’s Useless Knowledge! AJ will give you a Useless Knowledge question, and you can give him a call at

Silver Stats

Weekdays at 8:10 AM. Surveying the real world. Breaking down the percentages of the serious and the not so serious or weirdos of the world.

The Quick Me Up

Each weekday at 5:45PM, Tiny will give you the good news with the Quick Me Up. The world has enough bad news, it’s time to focus on the positive that’s happening around the world.