Useless Knowledge

Every weekday at 7:10am catch up on the things that you may often wonder about with AJ’s Useless Knowledge! AJ will give you a Useless Knowledge question, and you can give him a call at 1-888-950-1047 and

Silver Stats

Weekdays at 8:10 AM. Surveying the real world. Breaking down the percentages of the serious and the not so serious or weirdos of the world.

The Quick Me Up

Each weekday at 5:45PM, Tiny will give you the good news with the Quick Me Up. The world has enough bad news, it’s time to focus on the positive that’s happening around the world.

The Main Event

Each weeknight at 6:00PM, Tiny referees the Main Event. Two new songs will battle it out, and your votes decide who moves on to the next night.

The Odd News File

Every weeknight, join JD at 8:20 as he explores the stranger side of current events with the Odd News File. Hear about ordinary people in not-so-ordinary situations. From the sublime to the ridiculous to the hilarious, get

Top 5@9 with JD

It’s the only countdown determined solely by your requests. Every night at 9 JD presents the five most requested songs of the day. It’s the top 5@9! Fill out the form to send your requests!