Odd News File: February 29, 2016

21-year-old Emily Davis of Hampshire, England was busted back in August for illegally parking in handicapped spots. She DID have a handicapped parking pass in her car . . . but it was her grandmother’s.  Her DEAD grandmother’s. Emily’s grandma died back in September of 2014, but Emily hung onto the pass and used it to avoid having to pay for parking. And when the cops questioned her about it, she had a hell of an excuse:  She said she was using the handicapped pass to HONOR her dead grandmother. For some reason they didn’t buy that.  So she was in court last week, and got over $1,500 in fines and penalties.  

A bar in Cadiz, in southwest Spain, was robbed last week.  Someone stole seven big legs of cured HAM that were hanging above the bar.  Also some cash and a TV, but really we want to focus on the ham. 34-year-old Domingo Infante owns the bar.  While he was on the phone with the cops, his wife and mother-in-law noticed there was a trail of FAT leading from the door down the street. That’s what happens when you drag a bunch of ham down the street, apparently. Anyway, the cops started following it, and it led right to the burglar’s door.  So the cops busted in and he was arrested.