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The Tiny & Katy Show goes all the way back to 2009.  Katy came to work at WAYZ that year.  She was placed with Tiny for a couple weeks of training.  What wound up happening was totally unexpected.  To put it simply, it was lightning in a bottle.  They had such great chemistry on the air that management decided they COULDN’T split them up.  Not only that, they wound up making them the new morning show!

Over the next five years, Tiny & Katy became the highest-rated radio morning show in the tri-state area.  Their philosophy was simple: If WE are genuinely having a good time on the air, our audience will, too. 

In 2014, though, Katy needed something more.  Katy thrives when she’s growing and learning.  She began to feel that she had “done all I can do here.”  With the full support of her buddy Tiny and WAYZ management, Katy left the station to pursue a career in teaching.

Today, Katy is an elementary school teacher in Winchester, Virginia.  Though years have passed, and the distance has grown, she and Tiny have remained close friends.  Tiny considers Katy a member of his family, and Katy feels the same about Tiny.

In January of 2022, Tiny posted a Facebook video in honor of “National DJ Day.”  In it, he revisited some old audio of his time on the air with Katy.  The response for this video was, in a word, incredible.  The outpouring of love for The Tiny & Katy Show was so great that it could not be ignored.  In short, YOU REMEMBER!

While Tiny & Katy had tossed around the idea of a podcast for the past few years, it just never got off the ground.  UNTIL NOW!

Not only can you LISTEN to the show, but you can SEE it too!  Each episode is video recorded.  Tiny & Katy will be sharing photos of their time together, as well as photos from their lives now.  You don’t want to miss ANY of it!

Join Tiny & Katy every Tuesday at 10am for an all-new episode of The Tiny & Katy Show!


“We didn’t know what to expect the first time.  Nothing has changed.  I always used to say, ‘if you’ve listened to us, if only for a minute, you’ve given us your most precious commodity.  Your time.  We don’t intend to waste it.’” -Tiny


“The first time we said, ‘I’m Tiny; I’m Katy,’ I knew it was lightning in a bottle.  I just never knew the storm would last this long.”  -Katy

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