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A Short Tale of 911 and What Not To Do

by JD posted Mar 14 2014 7:30PM
On the Odd News File I've talked about 911 misuse and the chaos that usually ensues when someone calls 911 for the wrong reasons. These reasons include but are not limited to:

1. Incorrect fast food order (this one comes up a lot)
2. Someone stole their stolen property
3. Ripped off in some other type of illegial transaction

These are not emergencies. And anyone who calls 911 about them is only going to bring trouble on themselves. On top of it, diversion of emergency personnel towards frivolous ends means resources will be unavailable in the event of actual emergencies, such as fires, auto accidents, assaults and other street crimes, and natural disasters. Now, I know you would never do any of these things...obviously you're a person of high intellect and taste, which is why you're reading this blog entry. But if you ever encounter anyone who seems to be about to use the 911 system for purposes it was not intended, speak up. Remember, the police and fire department have non-emergency numbers. Use those instead. I say these things because I care. Also it's getting pretty monotnous for me to read these stories about 911 misuse every night. And for fast food!!! Really? I went through the drive up lane at a fast food restaurant last week, and they made a mistake in my order. Forgot my fries. So I backed up my car (after checking there was nobody behind me) and told the man in the window they hadn't given me my fries. He got my fries and handed them over. I drove off. How easy is that? It's not an emergency, you know? There is no need to dial 911 in that situation. 

Again, I'm not trying to lecture you. I know you know this. But spread the word, because it's pretty clear from the amount of stories of this type that we're seeing that some people have no clue. 


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03/14/2014 7:30PM
A Short Tale of 911 and What Not To Do
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