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AJ Silver here! I lived in Lancaster CA until I was about 4, and have spent the remainder of my years in the Tri State area. I LOVE every aspect of my job every day!! I love to have a good time, and make sure I enjoy every second. I am a huge fan of music, film, and art! I love supporting local artists and have Aj's Artistic Freedom, so send your work to my email below! Just include a picture of your "art" and a short bio. I always love hearing from you so hit me up in the studio or through Facebook by clicking the link below! I like to have too much fun, so make sure you hook me up with stories (and pics) from your CRAZY weekends (or not so crazy)! We can compare!!! Cheers!

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Posts from August 2014
by AJ Silver posted Aug 29 2014 11:43AM
"The November Man" (R) (Opened Wednesday)
Pierce Brosnan plays a former spy who's lured out of retirement for a mission to protect Olga Kurylenko from a CIA hit squad. That makes him the target of Australian actor Luke Bracey, a friend Brosnan trained before he left the agency.


"As Above So Below" (R)
A found-footage horror movie about a team of explorers who enter the catacombs under Paris on a quest for the Philosopher's Stone . . . but instead find the Gates of Hell, where each of them is forced to relive the sins of their past.

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Location : Paris
by AJ Silver posted Aug 28 2014 12:13PM

I am pretty sure everyone knows I am a huge fan of films. I came across this trailer today of a new movie coming out. It was made by Haxan Films who brought us the Blair Witch Project, so it's that "we found the footage" kind of film. Looks pretty good though! Check it out...

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by AJ Silver posted Aug 27 2014 12:54PM

DANIELLE BRADBERRY recorded a stripped down version of pop singer CHRISTINA PERRI'S song "Human". Which do you think is better?

by AJ Silver posted Aug 15 2014 12:15PM
"The Expendables 3" (PG-13)
Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Terry Crews, Randy Couture, and Arnold Schwarzenegger are all back from the last movie. And there are a TON of new additions.

"Let's Be Cops" (R)
Damon Wayans Jr. and Jake Johnson from "The New Girl" dress up as police officers for a costume party . . . and are so convincing, they're mistaken for REAL cops by everyone in the neighborhood . . .

"The Giver" (PG-13)
Brenton Thwaites lives in a "perfect" society where people can't see color or feel the full range of human emotions, because of an injection they get every morning.
Jeff Bridges is the Giver, the one man who has the full memory of all of humanity's experiences. And when Brenton is chosen to become the next "Receiver of Memory", he discovers love and starts skipping his daily injections.

by AJ Silver posted Aug 15 2014 12:13PM put out a list of The Top 10 Summer Country Songs.  They went heavy on newer artists but did putALAN JACKSON'S 1993 hit "Chattahoochee" at #1.  LITTLE BIG TOWN'S "Pontoon" is second.  Here's the list:


1.  "Chattahoochee"Alan Jackson


2.  "Pontoon"Little Big Town


3.  "Toes"Zac Brown Band


4.  "Drunk On You"Luke Bryan


5.  "Strawberry Wine"Deana Carter


6.  "Something Like That"Tim McGraw


7.  "Sunshine and Summertime"Faith Hill


8.  "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems"Kenny Chesney


9.  "Sweet Summer Lovin'"Dolly Parton


10.  "Water"Brad Paisley



(What would you add?  I can't believe they bypassed Florida Georgia Line's "Cruise".  Maybe they're tired of it.  I'd add Jake Owen's "Barefoot Blue Jean Night", Clint Black's "Summer's Coming" and Brad Paisley's "Beat This Summer".)

by AJ Silver posted Aug 14 2014 10:41AM
There have been some great characters on TV who weren't originally supposed to last . . . like on "Lost", Dr. Jack Shephard was initially going to DIE in the first episode. E! Online has put together a list of "19 TV Characters Who Lasted Way Longer Than They Were Supposed To." Here are 10 of them: 
1. Sue Sylvester on "Glee". When "Glee" was starting, Jane Lynch was working on a Damon Wayans pilot . . . and could only commit to a small, recurring role. But when the other show wasn't picked up, "Glee" became her full-time gig.

2. Dylan McKay on "Beverly Hills, 90210". The higher-ups at Fox didn't like Luke Perry or his character, and only had him doing two episodes. And even then, Aaron Spelling had to pay him out of his own pocket. But when Fox saw how the audience loved him, they made him a regular cast member.

3. Sophia Petrillo on "The Golden Girls". It's hard to imagine the show without Estelle Getty, but her character was only meant to appear in the pilot. However, viewers loved her so much that she ended up sticking around.

4. Andy Bernard on "The Office". Ed Helms was originally signed on for only 10 episodes, but his personality matched so perfectly with the character that the writers had in mind that they brought him back as a regular.

5. Ben Linus on "Lost". Michael Emerson was only a guest-star at first . . . but they kept him around. Ben became one of the most compelling characters on TV, and Emerson went on to win an Emmy for the show's fifth season.

6. Mimi Bobeck on "The Drew Carey Show". Originally, Kathy Kinney's character had just a small part in the pilot. She was a woman in bad make-up applying for a job in the make-up department. But the viewers loved her, so they made her a regular on the show, as Drew's nemesis.

7. Summer Roberts on "The O.C.". Rachel Bilson was only supposed to play a, quote, "stereotypical mean girl BFF." But she was a hit . . . and later became one of the show's main stars.

8. Spike on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". James Marsters' character was intended to be just another one-off villain for Buffy to defeat, but ended up being one of the most fully-developed characters on the show. He also joined the spin-off "Angel" as another "vampire with a soul."

9. Steve Urkel on "Family Matters". Jaleel White was only supposed to do one episode, as a nerdy guy who takes Laura on a date in the first season. But he was so popular that he kept being brought back . . . until the show became all about Urkel.

10. Frasier Crane on "Cheers". Kelsey Grammer was hired for six episodes of "Cheers", and went on to play the character for a full 20 years between "Cheers" and its spin-off, "Frasier".
by AJ Silver posted Aug 12 2014 1:48PM
Just because they are huge celebrities, doesn't mean they have had number 1's!

1. David Bowie. He's had seven Top 10 albums, and four in the Top Five, but none that have topped the Billboard 200.

2. Marvin Gaye. His 1973 album, "Let's Get It On", reached #2.

3. The Who. They've had ten Top 10 albums, and they've hit #2 twice: With 1973's "Quadrophenia" and 1978's "Who Are You".

4. Cher. She hit #3 with her most recent album, "Closer to the Truth", and got up to #2 with "Look At Us", the album she put out with Sonny Bono in 1965.

5. Sheryl Crow. She had four straight albums make it to #2 between 2002 and 2010, but none of them were able to crack the top spot.

6. Sting. He's had ten Top 10 albums as a solo artist, with three of them hitting Number Two. But he DID have a #1 album with The Police. "Synchronicity" spent 17 weeks at #1.

7. Aretha Franklin. She's made it to #2 twice . . . with "I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You" in 1967 and "Aretha: Lady Soul" in 1968.

8. Willie Nelson. His 1982 album "Always on my Mind" spent four weeks at #2, but couldn't reach #1.

9. Tina Turner. Her 1984 album "Private Dancer" spent 11 weeks stuck at #3 behind Prince and the Revolution's "Purple Rain" at #1 and Bruce Springsteen's "Born in the U.S.A." at #2. And "All the Best" in 2005 hit #2.

10. Brad Paisley. He's come close, with four albums reaching #2: "Time Well Wasted", "American Saturday Night", "This Is Country Music" and "Wheelhouse".

11. James Taylor. He's had 11 top 10 albums, and reached as high as #2 with "Mudslide Slim and the Blue Horizon" in 1971.

12. Dr. Dre. "The Chronic" spent six weeks at #3 in 1993, and his album, "2001" spent three weeks at #2.

13. KISS. They don't have a #1 . . . but they're the American band with the most top 40 albums, with 26. They got closest to #1 with 2009's "Sonic Boom", which debuted and peaked at #2.

14. Jewel. "Pieces of You" peaked at #4 for two weeks in 1997, and she's been in the Top 10 five more times. She topped out at #2 with "0304" in 2003.

15. Bob Marley. He reached the Top 10 just once, with 1976's "Rastaman Vibration", which rose to #8.
by AJ Silver posted Aug 12 2014 1:44PM
So I LOVE movies!!! Here is todays DVD and Blu Ray releases!

• "Muppets Most Wanted" . . . starring Tina Fey, Ty Burrell, and Ricky Gervais. Plus Lady Gaga, Salma Hayek, Puffy, and Danny Trejo have cameos as themselves.

• "A Haunted House 2" . . . starring Marlon Wayans and Cedric the Entertainer. Jaime Pressly is Marlon's new girlfriend and Gabriel Iglesias is their neighbor.

• "The Railway Man" . . . starring Colin Firth as a former British officer who tracks down the guy who tortured him when he was imprisoned at a Japanese labor camp during World War II. Nicole Kidman and Stellan Skarsgard are also in it.

• "Frankie & Alice" . . . starring Halle Berry as a woman who learns she has multiple personalities. Stellan Skarsgard is her doctor, and Phylicia Rashad plays her mom.

• "Rage" . . . Nicolas Cage plays a reformed criminal who returns to his violent past and rounds up his old gang after his daughter is kidnapped.

• "Filth" . . . James McAvoy plays a corrupt cop suffering from severe hallucinations.

• DisneyNature's "Bears" . . . John C. Reilly narrates a year in the life of a bear family.
Plus, the first season of "The Blacklist", the first season of Syfy's "Bitten", and the complete series of AMC's "Low Winter Sun".
by AJ Silver posted Aug 11 2014 1:49PM
Want a cold one? Eric Church's new video!!! Check it out!

by AJ Silver posted Aug 1 2014 8:19AM

"Guardians of the Galaxy" (PG-13)
Another Marvel superhero movie, but it's based on a more recent comic you've never heard of. Chris Pratt, Bradley Cooper, Vin Diesel, Zoe Saldana, and rassler David Bautista
bond when they break out of an alien prison.



"Get On Up" (PG-13)
Chadwick Boseman stars in this movie about the life of James Brown. Although all the music is done with Brown's real voice. Nelsan Ellis from "True Blood" plays his best friend, and Dan Aykroyd
is the agent they sign with. 

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