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AJ Silver here! I lived in Lancaster CA until I was about 4, and have spent the remainder of my years in the Tri State area. I LOVE every aspect of my job every day!! I love to have a good time, and make sure I enjoy every second. I am a huge fan of music, film, and art! I love supporting local artists and have Aj's Artistic Freedom, so send your work to my email below! Just include a picture of your "art" and a short bio. I always love hearing from you so hit me up in the studio or through Facebook by clicking the link below! I like to have too much fun, so make sure you hook me up with stories (and pics) from your CRAZY weekends (or not so crazy)! We can compare!!! Cheers!

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by AJ Silver posted Oct 2 2015 9:20AM
We're not sure where this happened, but there's a video of a guy giving a falconry lesson, and letting his pet falcon fly around near a highway. But right after he lets it go, it flies into the side of an oncoming truck and dies.

A bear went after a woman's kayak in Alaska recently, and she filmed the whole thing. She starts by thanking it for NOT eating her kayak. Then when it walks toward her, she PEPPER SPRAYS it. So it goes back to the kayak and rips into it. But the best part is how she talks to it in full sentences the whole time, like it's a person. She keeps calling it 'bear,' and kept pleading with it to leave her kayak alone. Because bears are known for their sharp negotiating skills. (???) Then she freaked out because she was all by herself, so she was stranded there. She ended up having to swim out to a boat that was anchored offshore, and they took her to the closest town to get her kayak patched up.

A bunch of sorority girls were at an Arizona Diamondbacks game on Wednesday. And the announcers made fun of them, because they weren't watching the game at all . . . they just kept posing for selfies with their FOOD.

by AJ Silver posted Oct 2 2015 5:50AM
"The Martian" (PG-13)
Matt Damon plays an astronaut stranded on Mars after a fierce storm forces his crew to abort their mission. Jessica Chastain is the commander who made the decision to leave him behind during their evacuation, thinking he was dead. He's stuck with only a month's worth of food and the knowledge that no one can get back to the planet for another 4 years. So when NASA rejects a risky plan to get him more supplies, Jessica and the rest of her crew mutiny and decide to risk it anyway. The ship's crew includes Michael Pena, Kate Mara, and Sebastian Stan from "The Winter Soldier" . . . plus Donald Glover has a cameo as the NASA engineer on Earth who figures out how to get the ship back to Mars to give Matt a chance at surviving.

"The Walk" (PG) (On 448 IMAX screens. It opens nationwide next week.)
Joseph Gordon Levitt plays the first and only man to walk a tightrope between the towers of the World Trade Center. It's based on a true story about a French guy named Philippe Petit, who did it in 1974. Since what he did was completely illegal, people referred to it as the "artistic crime of the century." He and his friends actually had to sneak their equipment into the building, and then use a BOW AND ARROW to shoot their support lines across the gap. Ben Kingsley plays his mentor, and it's directed by Robert Zemeckis, the guy who did "Forrest Gump", and the "Back to the Future" movies.

"Sicario" (R) (Expanding nationwide after last month's limited release.)
Emily Blunt plays an FBI agent on a drug task force working both sides of the Mexican border. Josh Brolin is the guy who recruits her, and Benicio Del Toro is their consultant on the other side of the border. The word "sicario" means hitman in Spanish.

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