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by JD posted Aug 28 2015 2:38PM
Being that it's Friday and many folks like to indulge over the weekend, here's a list of hangover remedies that may prove useful tomorrow morning.

1. Capsaicin: the ingredient that makes peppers hot. Experts claim it will clean out your system by inducing sweating, eye watering and making you want to drink water.

2. Pickles: the secret is in the brine. It provides electrolytes and also encourages you to hydrate.

3. Calorie bomb: specifically eating greasy foods or sandwiches. Both are said to have absorbative powers in the stomach, as an antacid does.

4. Exercise: this one's self explanatory. Get the body moving and jump start the recovery process.

5. Coffee: or by extension, tea, soda or energy drinks. Caffiene is good for headaches, a secret known to migraine sufferers for years.

6. Sports drinks: like the pickles they provide electrolytes and you don't have to drink water with them because they also hydrate. But here's the secret: If your sports drink tastes salty, then you are dehydrated. If it tastes sweet, then you're sufficiently hydrated.

7. Shock to the system: typically this is provided by a cold shower or a dip in a pool, lake, river, ocean or any other handy body of water.

8. Distraction! If you're doing something else and focusing on that task, you can't dwell on the fact that you feel bad.

9. Hair of the dog: obviously this isn't a cure, but it might make you feel better, for a while at least.

10. Preventative medicine: Some people swear by two aspirin and 8 ounces of water before going out for the night.

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by JD posted Aug 17 2015 8:20PM
33-year-old Christina Lamoreaux of Wildwood, Florida crashed her car outside of her apartment last week, then drove away from the scene. There were a few witnesses, though . . . and they pointed the cops right to her. When they got to her apartment, she said the crash wasn't her fault . . . she blamed it on her DOG. She didn't explain HOW her dog was responsible, but she DID tell the cops to arrest him. They decided not to . . . and since Christina smelled like booze and failed a bunch of sobriety tests, they arrested her instead. She's been charged with drunk driving, resisting arrest, and leaving the scene of an accident. One final note: Last month, Christina posted a photo on Facebook of her dog in the front seat of her car and wrote, quote, "The best road trippin' friend . . . no backseat driving and no comments [or] complaints on the music choices."

21-year-old Joel Ramos of Lancaster, Pennsylvania was at a Chuck E. Cheese a few weeks ago with his kid. Another parent said something about the way the kid was behaving . . . so Joel PUNCHED the guy in the face. Then he and his kid took off. Fortunately for the police, he left behind a fantastic clue. Before the fight, he'd been in the PHOTO BOOTH . . . and he left the strip of photos behind. That gave the cops a clear picture of him, which they showed around until someone finally identified Joel. They arrested him a few days ago for simple assault and disorderly conduct.
by JD posted Aug 13 2015 8:20PM
This is, quite literally, choking under pressure. 66-year-old Bettye Wilson of St. Louis, Missouri went to visit Northeast Correctional Center in Bowling Green, Missouri a few weeks ago to SMUGGLE some heroin to an inmate. We don't know her connection to the inmate . . . husband? Boyfriend? Hopefully NOT son. Because she had the heroin in five small balloons in her mouth . . . and the plan was to pass them by KISSING him. Unfortunately for her, things went wrong . . . and she SWALLOWED the balloons. She was arrested for delivery of a controlled substance at a correctional facility. None of the balloons exploded inside of her and authorities recovered them when she "passed" them the next day.

And now, a lesson in the value of portion control. 58-year-old Matthew Veres of Union Township, Pennsylvania lives with his 47-year-old brother Thomas. Matthew got some burgers early yesterday morning and Thomas wanted him to save one. But Matthew didn't: he ate ALL THREE of them. That's a LOT of fast food right there. Thomas was so upset he started destroying their place . . . then he punched his brother in the face. He was arrested for simple assault and harassment.
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by JD posted Aug 12 2015 8:20PM
There's a20-year-old kid from a rich family in Zurich, Switzerland, and he had a terrible problem in March last year. He had a $245,000 Ferrari 458 Italia, but it wasn't suiting his needs anymore . . . he wanted a newer, more expensive Ferrari. Tragically, his dad wouldn't buy him one. I mean, his dad gave him a $10,000 allowance every month, $30 million worth of property, and 14 OTHER fancy cars including a Lamborghini. But a new Ferrari was just too much. So the kid came up with a plan. He paid three friends around $15,000 to drive his car into Germany and set it on FIRE, so he could collect the insurance money. Then he went to a massage parlor while they burned it, so he'd have an alibi. But his friends were caught on security cameras, and eventually the cops figured out what happened. They were all in court last week, and the rich kid learned his lesson. Just kidding. His three friends all got 14 to 16 months in prison for insurance fraud, and HE just got probation and a $33,000 fine.

A 26-year-old woman climbed into a metal charity clothing donation box in Seattle around 4:30 A.M. on Monday . . . to steal some stuff out of it. But the box was really small . . . only about four feet by six feet. You know the ones . . . they have an opening sort of like a mailbox where you drop the stuff in. So when she tried to crawl back OUT, she got her leg stuck in the donation chute. The fire department eventually had to come, and use tools to cut her out. She turned down medical care afterward, so it seems like she's okay. There's no word if she was arrested or not, but it seems like she has bigger problems to worry about.
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