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Hey everyone!! First let me say I hate writing about 

Let's see....

I'm orginally from Queens, NY moved to Citrus Country Florida when I was 13.. so guess that makes me a city/country kinda girl.

I always knew that I wanted to be an entertainer of some kind... even tried that whole acting deal (that didn't after growing up watching Oprah, Dick Clark, and Barbara Walters I wanted to be just like them or so I thought. After going through broadcasting school wanting to work on TV as a reporter/archor I realized my passion was really radio.

I graduated from CSB school of Broadcasting in 2008 and landed my first radio job the morning of graduation, that's something I have always been proud of. I later than moved to Orlando, FL where I was blessed in my career to work with those I use to listen to as a kid growing up. I wanted to take my career to the next level and found myself right here at WAYZ.
I have been blessed with a truly amazing family, my mother is my rock and my friends wow I don't know what I would do with out any of them. I am going to miss all of them but I am excited to now be here with all of you. Thanks for listening and for all the support I have been getting so far.
- Krystle <3

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Country Drama April 25th

by Krystle posted Apr 25 2014 3:19PM
CARRIE UNDERWOOD makes "Time" magazine's annual "Top 100 Most Influential People" 

Have you been wondering what VINCE GILL has been going lately? Well he's been listening to a lot of hip hop music, jazz and sports radio as well as comedy. He said quote "I love the thought of hearing something I haven't heard before. That's still magical to me, to find something I haven't heard before and be inspired by it. I occasionally turn on one of those pop station and go 'What are the kids listening to? Let me hear this KATY PERRY stuff and see why it's so cool." He goes on to say "And kind of artistry can be great, and at the end of the day you realize historically that all the things that were sustained had longevity because of great songs."

HUNTER HAYES released a live vision of his new song "You think you know Somebody" It's on his new album "Storyline" which is out May 6th. 
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04/25/2014 3:19PM
Country Drama April 25th
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