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Hey everyone!! First let me say I hate writing about 

Let's see....

I'm orginally from Queens, NY moved to Citrus Country Florida when I was 13.. so guess that makes me a city/country kinda girl.

I always knew that I wanted to be an entertainer of some kind... even tried that whole acting deal (that didn't after growing up watching Oprah, Dick Clark, and Barbara Walters I wanted to be just like them or so I thought. After going through broadcasting school wanting to work on TV as a reporter/archor I realized my passion was really radio.

I graduated from CSB school of Broadcasting in 2008 and landed my first radio job the morning of graduation, that's something I have always been proud of. I later than moved to Orlando, FL where I was blessed in my career to work with those I use to listen to as a kid growing up. I wanted to take my career to the next level and found myself right here at WAYZ.
I have been blessed with a truly amazing family, my mother is my rock and my friends wow I don't know what I would do with out any of them. I am going to miss all of them but I am excited to now be here with all of you. Thanks for listening and for all the support I have been getting so far.
- Krystle <3

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Country Drama April 28th

by Krystle posted Apr 28 2014 4:16PM
ERIC CHURCH is upset wtih ticket scalpers. He feels that his fans are getting ripped off. Ther was an order for 902 tickets that he canceled because it was illegally bought to his show in Minneapolis. He issued this statement: "A lot of acts just want to sell as many tickets as they can and they don't care who they sell them to. I want my fans to be the ones who buy tickets to my shows, and I want scalpers to back off. I can't stop ticket scalpers completely, but I can definitely make it hard for them." 

One would think because COLE SWINDELL is a country man that he would like to go fishing and hunting, right? But he doesn't he said quote "Luke Bryan's a huge hunter and fisher and I grew up playing more sports. Heck, when I'm off I use my free time to just hang and maybe go to a game or watch sports. I'm just more of a sports guy. It's funny, you sing country music and people think you're a huge hunter and fisher, but I just never really go into it."

BRANTLEY GILBERT is a big weight lifter but has had to stop because he is suffering from umbilical hernia. He said quote "I've got four tears in my stomach." But with all that Brantley just doesn't want to accept that it could be from weight lifting he said "I think I legitimately got it from singing" 
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04/28/2014 4:16PM
Country Drama April 28th
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