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Hey everyone!! First let me say I hate writing about 

Let's see....

I'm orginally from Queens, NY moved to Citrus Country Florida when I was 13.. so guess that makes me a city/country kinda girl.

I always knew that I wanted to be an entertainer of some kind... even tried that whole acting deal (that didn't after growing up watching Oprah, Dick Clark, and Barbara Walters I wanted to be just like them or so I thought. After going through broadcasting school wanting to work on TV as a reporter/archor I realized my passion was really radio.

I graduated from CSB school of Broadcasting in 2008 and landed my first radio job the morning of graduation, that's something I have always been proud of. I later than moved to Orlando, FL where I was blessed in my career to work with those I use to listen to as a kid growing up. I wanted to take my career to the next level and found myself right here at WAYZ.
I have been blessed with a truly amazing family, my mother is my rock and my friends wow I don't know what I would do with out any of them. I am going to miss all of them but I am excited to now be here with all of you. Thanks for listening and for all the support I have been getting so far.
- Krystle <3

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Daily Country Drama

by Krystle posted Jan 28 2014 1:59PM
- Keith Urban's co-writer for his song "Cop Car" was upset with the verison Keither performed at the Grammy's with Gary Clark Jr. He tweeted yesterday "everything I poured into that song was stolen from me. I can't celebrate it being on the Grammy's"
                   * Really?!?! Is this guy for real? I would be celebrating that fact the Keith is singing my song PERIOD!! Here's the video 

 - Trace Adkins is still in rehab in Florida but came out for a little while so that he can buy a guitar on Saturday. A few of the rehab employees went with him to a music store where he got the used Martin's guitar for $1,100. The store bagged about his visit by posting a pic of him and some employees on Facebook. PHOTO

- Paul Mccartney at the Grammy's went out of his way backstage to shake Hunter Hayes hand after his performance of "Invisible"
              *Personally I feel that should be an honor to Hunter Hayes when an artist like Paul Mccartney congratulates you on a performance. Full Story here

- If you didn't have to drive would you go as long as Hillary Clinton with out driving? She has admitted that the time she drove a car was in 1996.

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01/28/2014 1:59PM
Daily Country Drama
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