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Every weeknight, join JD at 8:20 as he explores the stranger side of current events with the Odd News File. Hear about ordinary people in not-so-ordinary situations. From the sublime to the ridiculous to the hilarious, get the bird’s eye view of life’s rich pageant with the Odd News file with JD every weeknight on 104.7 WAYZ.

It's the only countdown determined solely by your requests. Every night at 9 JD presents the five most requested songs of the day. It's the top 5@9!

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Every night at 10 JD goes to the back of the rack to dust off a country golden nugget 'cause you dug it! It's the 10:00 Flashback, your evening dose of classic country music. To suggest a song for the flashback, you can drop JD an email.

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