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Fantasy Football is Neither

by JD posted Oct 3 2013 6:00PM

I used to belong to a fantasy football league, but I quit. At first it was fun: do the draft, make your roster, select your defense. Then it became work. I found myself trying to keep up with players on 10 teams and getting angry at the Sunday game commentators when they didn't talk about my players. Of course, the reason they didn't talk about my players was simple: none of my players were in the game they were covering. I didn't care about that, though. I was crazed, see?

And then there were the other team owners in my league, who were just as insane as I was, maybe more so. I can't tell you how many phone calls I recieved at 3:20 am that went about like this: "Hey. JD. You awake? Hey, man, I need you to trade me Steve Smith. Who do you want for him? Come on, man, what do you mean you have to get some sleep?"

After two years of this madness I decided enough was enough. When the time came to finalize league membership this year, I let the other owners know I would not be participating. They made fun of me. They cracked jokes at my expense. They insisted that I was quitting because I was mad I never won a championship. Can you imagine such a thing?

On a completely unrelated note, I'm thinking about getting back into it next year. I'm reasonably sure with one more season I can win the whole thing.

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10/05/2013 12:09AM
Fantasy Football is Neither
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