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I am so thrilled to be in the area and get to learn more about you the listeners.  A few things about myself?  Here it goes.  I have been in the radio industry for around 15 years, which is hard to believe.  I began my career in Lynchburg, VA, continued in Radford, VA and now am proud to call myself a resident of PA.  My love for Country music runs deep.  If I could pick one song, which is absolutely a tough decision, I'd choose The Tin Man by Kenny Chesney.  I'm a lover of Billy Joel, America, the Virginia Tech Hokies and my dog Bingo.  It's a simple life, but it makes sense considering my affiliation with the best music on Earth.  I look forward to getting to know you and appreciate your continued support and love for all of us here at WAYZ.

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by Nicole Williams posted Jan 13 2015 8:55AM

You know that Polar Plunge silliness that DIERKS BENTLEY does every year? Well, this time around he made the opening acts on his upcoming Sounds of Summertour join him. (He didn't force them, but the camera was rolling, so . . .)

He herded Kip Moore, Canaan Smith, and Maddie & Tae onto his boat last week for a ride on Nashville's Percy Priest Lake. Dierks tells "People", quote, "They were all suspicious. They know I do the lake jump every year, but they all went along with it.

"It was Sounds of Summer boot camp and they all know what they're in for now. I haven't heard any complaints of pneumonia or anything, so I think we're good."

You may think he's a cruel, heartless bully for doing this, and you may be right . . . but Dierks says everyone benefits: Quote, "A tour can really be depressing if you're not having fun. So I got some guys and girls that are going to make it really fun.

"I like to tailgate and mess with fans before the show, and after the show play music or drink too much. When there's fun backstage it translates to the show and the crowd can feel it. If we don't make the show the best it can be, it's a waste of time."
To check out the photos and video follow Dierks on Twitter. @DierksBentley

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