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I've loved radio since I was a kid and consider myself extremely lucky to get paid to do it. I'm a 2002 graduate of the DC campus of the Connecticut School of Broadcasting, I play several musical instruments and write books for fun. And I'm a huge fan of the Philly teams: the Phillies, Eagles, Flyers and Sixers. 
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I Have No Hair, And How Are You?

by JD posted Nov 13 2013 7:51PM
In the summer you often hear the following phrase thrown around: "It's not the heat, it's the humidity." And that is often the case. I've found that in the late fall and winter it's more like, "It's not the cold, it's the wind." Because brrrr, amirite?

So last weekend I shaved my head. On a lark. Without thinking through the consequences. I don't really miss my hair as such. What I miss is the built-in insulation my hair provided. I don't know how Tiny does it. My poor noggin is cold all the time. I have to wear a skullcap around the house just to keep it warm. Definitely should have waited until the summer to do this. Ah well. I can take comfort in the knowledge that I make this look good. Cheers.
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11/13/2013 7:51PM
I Have No Hair, And How Are You?
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