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I've been a night person all my life and this is the first time anyone's appreciated it! I was born in Philadelphia and lived many years in the Baltimore area. I've loved radio since I was a kid and consider myself extremely lucky to do it for a living. I'm a 2002 graduate of the DC campus of the Connecticut School of Broadcasting, I'm a writer, musician and cartoonist in my free time. And I'm a huge fan of the Philadelphia Phillies, Eagles, Flyers and Sixers as well as the Maryland Terrapins.
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Posts from February 2014
by JD posted Feb 28 2014 11:42PM
I don't know about you, but when it's really cold for a long time, I crave a good hearty hot meal. And there's no better good hearty hot meal than chili. Now my chili will never win any cookoffs. It's not fancy, but I like it. And I'd like to share it with you here.

1.5 lbs of ground beef (I use 73% lean, but use whatever you want; I use that ratio because it's on sale the most at the supermarket)
1.5 lbs of country sausage (the sausage gives it incredible flavor)
2 15oz cans tomato sauce
2 8oz cans pinto beans 
3 oz chili powder
1 oz cayenne pepper
2 tablespoons garlic powder
2 tablespoons onion powder
1 tablespoon salt
1 tablespoon black pepper

Brown beef and sausage together in the biggest pot you have. Drain. Add sauce and spices. Mix thoroughly. Add beans. Cook over medium heat for about two hours, stirring frequently. Lower heat. Simmer for another hour, still stirring often. Serves 2-4. I recommend serving with either cornbread or Fritos scoops and cheddar. Add sour cream if you're feeling saucy. I promise it will help you combat the winter blues. Cheers. 

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by JD posted Feb 24 2014 4:34PM
Any race fans out there? How about that Daytona 500. I'm a Junior fan, so I thought it was pretty awesome. But honestly, regardless of who wins, the Daytona 500 is usually pretty exciting. They don't call it the Great American Race for nothing, amirite?! 

The 500 is different in that it's considered NASCAR's equivalent to the Super Bowl, yet it's the first race of the season. Typically, whoever wins the 500 will carry a good head of steam into the season and as often as not that carries all the way through to the Chase. Consider this: Jimmie Johnson won the 500 in 2006 and 2013 and went on to win the championship both years. So for someone who is a Dale Jr. fan, the possibility that this could be a championship year for him is an exciting one indeed. 

So enjoy, race fans. Another season has begun. NASCAR has the shortest off season of any major professional American sport, and that is a good thing. Cheers. 
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by JD posted Feb 19 2014 3:25PM
So I get home from the station on Monday night and I was checking to make sure my car doors were locked (it's got power locks but I'm paranoid). I grabbed the driver's door handle and it snapped off in my hand. The door handle broke off in myhand. I stood there for a moment, holding the now-useless piece of plastic in my hand. I wondered what to do. I guess I'll have to find some way to rig it up. Maybe I'll epoxy it or something. 

by JD posted Feb 13 2014 12:12AM
With the football season over, I look forward to two things: Speedweeks in Daytona, which is the kickoff for the NASCAR season, and Spring Training, which signals the beginning of baseball. I do enjoy the NBA and NHL, but baseball and racing are the sports I most love to watch.

It's funny, some people say baseball is a boring game. I disagree. Certainly it is slow-paced at times, but I love the constant duel between pitcher and batter. The psychology involved. I love the way the fielders have to work together, and how every play is different. And the most exciting games are ones in which there is very little action: the no-hitter and perfect game. I've never been witness to one of these in person but I've watched several on TV. The atmosphere is electric, as everyone watches to see if the pitcher can go the distance. And because baseball is so superstitious, the pitcher's teammates won't even talk to him for fear of spoiling it. I love that stuff.

As for racing, I love the speed, the competition, that razor's edge between the winner's circle and disaster. I find it endlessly fascinating how a field of drivers, with much of the same equipment, can have dramatically different results. I love the strategy, how such things as fuel economy can mean as much as anything the driver does. How a tiny adjustment to the car can bring someone from the rear of the pack to the front. I enjoy all these things.

So some people might look at this time of year and a dull one for sports, but I disagree. Cheers!
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by JD posted Feb 11 2014 12:05AM
So now I see where they're calling for another winter storm. I'll tell you what: if I never see snow again after this year I'll be happy. I'm over it, absolutely 100% over it. But the nice thing is, by the time fall comes, we'll all have forgotten how much we hate winter, just to go through it all over again. I guess it's unavoidable. Still, I'm done with the snow. Finito!!! Cheers.
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by JD posted Feb 6 2014 12:01AM
Perhaps I should knock on wood, but I seem to have avoided this cold that has ravaged the building. Hopefully that trend will continue. I hate taking sick days. I just sit home and feel bored and unproductive. So what usually happens is I get sick and goto work anyway and they just end up sending me home. But this winter I've been lucky so far. I hope you have as well. Cheers.
by JD posted Feb 3 2014 6:55PM
February, the shortest month. And I'm fine with it. The other two months of winter, December and January, are both 31 days long. If February were also 31 days, I'd be very sad. And the calendar may say that winter isn't over until March 19, but I don't buy that. I think the seasons should start on the first. Winter on December 1. Spring on March 1. Summer on June 1. Autumn on September 1. It would be so much easier.
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