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Hey Tri-State! I wanted to first thank everyone for all the support over the last few years. Working at WAYZ has been an awesome experience and it is mainly because of you. A little about me? Well, I am from Reading, Pa and went to York College to earn my degree in Speech Communication. I am in a sorority, Delta Phi Epsilon, and my sisters have had a huge impact on my life. I have great friends and an even better family. My younger brother David is my best friend and I am so blessed to have such a great sibling. I rescued a 3 legged cat, named Uno, who makes me smile everyday. I have always been a very upbeat, annoying girl who always has a smile on her face. Lastly, I couldn’t imagine working so closely with anyone other than Tiny. Tiny has become one of my greatest friends and I am so glad we got paired up to try and make your mornings a little brighter!  I have always loved radio and microphones and I am so lucky that now I get paid to talk on one. It’s fantastic! Feel free to email me at anytime with requests, stories…anything! Thanks again for making my job the best job in the world.

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Posts from July 2013
by Katy posted Jul 30 2013 9:20AM

Syfy has done it again!!  Another originial movie about sharks.  This time it's "Ghost Shark."  The premise is a fisherman tortures and kills a great white shark and the shark comes back for revenge.  This shark can appear in ANY water.  That includes ponds, pools, bathtubs, etc.  It premieres August 22nd. 

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by Katy posted Jul 24 2013 9:13AM

On a sunny Saturday in July, Rachel Wolf was preparing for the day she always dreamed of, complete with wedding gown, makeup, and guests.  But there was one thing missing: a groom.

Instead, the day was about her dad. Rachel's father, Dr. James Wolf, is dying of pancreatic cancer. He likely has less than three months to live.

So to make sure that he would be there on her wedding day, Rachel, 25, came up with an unusual idea: she would create and record her own father/daughter dance. The venue, Auburn Recreation Park in Auburn, Calif., the limo and the D.J. were all donated.

Click here to continue reading and see the video. 

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by Katy posted Jul 23 2013 9:03AM
On Monday morning, a woman in Tokyo was standing on a platform waiting for a train. And when it arrived, she FELL . . . and somehow got wedged in an EIGHT-INCH gap between the train and the platform.

 An announcement about it went out over the intercom, telling people she was alive and PINNED by the train. So people on the train and the platform got together to help FREE her . . . by actually PUSHING the 32-ton train away from the platform.

 A newspaper photographer happened to be there, and the photo he took made national news in Japan yesterday. It shows about 30 people pushing on the side of the train car, which has a suspension that lets it rock back and forth on the track.

And while they held the train just far enough away from the platform, the woman was able to free herself. Somehow she survived without ANY serious injuries, and the train continued after an eight-minute delay.

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by Katy posted Jul 19 2013 8:57AM
It's been a great week for amazing Quick-Me-Up's.  Yesterday we shared this story:

 Twenty-four years ago, a man in Indiana named Rick Lookebill had to sell the first car he ever owned . . . a 1972 Ford Mustang Mach 1. So, not just any car, a SWEET car.


 And apparently Rick never forgave himself for it, because he's been trying to track it down ever since. Recently, he stepped up his efforts but still had no luck.


 But what Rick didn't know was that his son had already FOUND the car in Florida, told the story to the guy who owned it, and bought it back.


 Then he drove it from Florida to Indiana . . . and surprised his dad by parking it in the front yard and revving the engine.


 Apparently the whole family was in on it, because they had the camera ready to catch his reaction . . . which was basically childlike excitement, followed by some crying.


 The video was posted back in April. But we know about it now because someone posted the video on Reddit on Tuesday.

Here's the video.  What an amazing reaction.

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by Katy posted Jul 17 2013 8:56AM
Todays Quick-Me-Up, in my opinion, was the best story we've shared in a while.  It literally brought me to tears reading it.  If you missed it....

A 25-year-old man in Wales named Dan Black was paralyzed in a bike accident four years ago. And since then, he's been raising money for a stem cell treatment that might allow him to walk again.

 The problem is, the treatment doesn't exist yet. So he's been hanging onto the money and waiting for science to catch up. That is, until he recently heard about a five-year-old boy with cerebral palsy named Brecon Vaughan.

 Just like Dan, Brecon can't walk. The difference is, a treatment DOES exist that might help Brecon. But it costs about $90,000.

 In the past four years, Dan has raised $30,000 for his stem cell surgery. And he's decided to donate ALL OF IT to Brecon.

 Brecon's parents had already raised about $16,000 . . . meaning Dan's donation put them over the halfway point.

 Their story made national news in Britain last week, which prompted MORE people to donate. And less than a week later, Brecon's parents say they've REACHED their $90,000 goal.

Here is Brecon and Dan

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by Katy posted Jul 12 2013 9:19AM
No description needed.

by Katy posted Jul 10 2013 9:09AM
My boyfriend is left-handed and I know he agrees with this list.  Here are 8 annoying things about being left-handed, from 

 1. It's hard to use ballpoint pens. Because we write left to right, a left-hander has to PUSH a ballpoint pen across the page. So the tip of the pen digs into the paper. In the Arab countries, it's the right-handers who suffer.

 2. You get ink all over your hand. Again, the left-to-right thing. Right-handers can keep their hand out of the way of what they're writing. But lefties have to drag their hands right over the fresh ink on the page, and they get ink all over the side of their hand.

 3. The cup holder in your car is on the right. Driving isn't a big deal, because you hold the wheel with both hands. But shifting and the ignition are on the right. And you have to handle your drinks with your right hand, because the cup holder is in the center console.

 4. Lefties DIE sooner. That's what studies show. A lot of that is due to industrial and driving accidents. So basically, lefties are dying young because machines are designed for right-handers.

 5. Measuring cups show you the metric side. When you pick up a measuring cup by the handle, a right-hander gets to see the standard measurements. A leftie has to translate the metric measurements, or twist the thing all the way around.

 6. Can openers can only be operated by the right hand. Although, what's so hard about twisting a handle with your wrong hand? But apparently this bugs the crap out of lefties.

 7. Credit card machines attach the pens on the right. And the cord is never long enough to reach around to the other side.

 8. The number pad is always on the right side of a computer keyboard. So you have to learn to use it with your wrong hand, or REACH all the way across your body to do it the way that's comfortable to you.

 Anything else you can add to this list??

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