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Hey Tri-State! I wanted to first thank everyone for all the support over the last few years. Working at WAYZ has been an awesome experience and it is mainly because of you. A little about me? Well, I am from Reading, Pa and went to York College to earn my degree in Speech Communication. I am in a sorority, Delta Phi Epsilon, and my sisters have had a huge impact on my life. I have great friends and an even better family. My younger brother David is my best friend and I am so blessed to have such a great sibling. I rescued a 3 legged cat, named Uno, who makes me smile everyday. I have always been a very upbeat, annoying girl who always has a smile on her face. Lastly, I couldn’t imagine working so closely with anyone other than Tiny. Tiny has become one of my greatest friends and I am so glad we got paired up to try and make your mornings a little brighter!  I have always loved radio and microphones and I am so lucky that now I get paid to talk on one. It’s fantastic! Feel free to email me at anytime with requests, stories…anything! Thanks again for making my job the best job in the world.

Our dear Katy is leaving us to start a new adventure in her life, please â€‹click HERE to hear Katy's Announcement!

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Posts from February 2014
by Katy posted Feb 28 2014 9:28AM

Yesterday in my science lab, we calculated the respiration rate of mice.  We actually had to grab the mice and work with them to get this information.  I was a little nervous at first, working with live animals, but after a few minutes, I met anew friend.  I almost took him home, but then I remembered I have a cat who would go ballistic.  I decided not to take him, but I had to get a photo with my new buddy!

by Katy posted Feb 26 2014 9:57AM
Pretty interesting!  I've never really thought Hawaiian shirts were a bad thing, I think they show character!

Do you CRINGE when you see a guy wearing a Hawaiian shirt?  Assuming you're not at a JIMMY BUFFETT concert or actually in Hawaii.  You're not alone.  A LOT of people hate Hawaiian shirts.


And researchers at the University of Hawaii at Manoa actually did a scientific study on WHY people hate guys wearing Hawaiian shirts . . . and the most common words used to describe people in them.


Virtually ALL the words people used to describe guys in Hawaiian shirts are negative, including:  Tourist, vulgar, bad taste, foolish, sloppy, inappropriate, inauthentic, bizarre, chubby, and low class.

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by Katy posted Feb 21 2014 6:59AM
Last night in my Science class, we did a very interesting experiment.  We were assigned to bring in a food item high in sugar.  I chose an ICEE Freeze, which has 18g of sugar.  We then measured how much sugar is actually in our foods.  The results were pretty astonishing.  When you see it broken down like that, it really makes you think twice about consuming certain foods and drinks.

by Katy posted Feb 20 2014 7:28AM
LUKE BRYAN tripped and fell on a stage riser during his show in Greensboro, North Carolina on Monday. If he was injured he didn't let on because he totally milked it. He pointed at the ceiling and laughed it off before getting back up.


 He did hold his side while trotting back to the main stage . . . but then someone handed him a Solo cup. He took a sip and tossed that into the audience. He also stayed and finished the show.


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by Katy posted Feb 14 2014 5:59AM
Even if you're alone on this day, don't be bitter and spiteful like this guy...

There's a guy in Shanghai, China who's only been identified as "Up" . . . and it's his goal to ruin a LOT of people's Valentine's Day.

Last year, he got DUMPED by his girlfriend after they saw a popular Chinese movie called "Beijing Love Story".

And this year, there's a popular movie theater in Shanghai showing it tonight . . . and he bought EVERY OTHER SEAT. It's one of those theaters that has assigned seating.

And since he bought every other seat, couples can't sit together. Of course, since all the seats will be empty, they could just move together . . . but maybe the ushers won't let them?

It's not exactly clear what the point of this mission is . . . it seems to be somewhere at the intersection of wanting to pull a massive prank and being super bitter.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!  Enjoy today with either your sweetie or your rockin' friends!

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by Katy posted Feb 12 2014 8:57AM
Found this on Facebook and thought I'd share...
If She Could Have Seen the Crowd’s Reaction to Her Voice, She Would Have Witnessed Tears of Joy.

Marlana Vanhoose, age 16, is no ordinary teen. The Paintsville High School student is blind and was born with Cytomegalovirus, a virus that can cause developmental disabilities.

She sang the National Anthem at a University of Kentucky women's basketball game last February. The audience wasn't for her extraordinary talent.

"It was the best performance we've ever had here at Memorial Coliseum," Head Coach Matthew Mitchell told Kentucky Sports. "What an unbelievable voice on a little bitty girl."

by Katy posted Feb 7 2014 8:53AM
In case you don't have Facebook, here is our latest collage of furry friends in the Tri-State.  If you have an amazing photo of your pet, feel free to send it along to  We put together a collage every Friday!

Have a wonderful weekend.

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by Katy posted Feb 5 2014 10:10AM
This had me in tears this morning.  We received an email from our boss stating that we, on-air staff, are considered "essential personnel."  We've always known that whatever mother nature has in store for us, we still need to be at work.  Us morning DJ's, (Tiny, Jay Shaffer, and I) feel we are "super essential personnel" because we have to deal with the worst of the weather conditions at the butt crack of dawn.  Therefore, Tiny went ahead and created this....

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