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National Anthem Overdone?

by Tiny posted May 17 2013 8:19AM
I need to preface the following statement. I LOVE my country and I greatly respect our national anthem. That being said, I have a question.

A couple weeks ago, I attended/hosted an event. Prior to the event, the national anthem was played. It got me to thinking that our national anthem is played for countless, random events. It reminds me of when people say, "when you say 'I love you' ALL the time, it becomes mere recitation." 

If my thinking is accurate, it poses the quandary of when/where DO you play it.

Again, I'm not offended/upset when it's played; I'm simply concerned that it gets tossed around out of habit rather than significance.
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05/17/2013 8:19AM
National Anthem Overdone?
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05/17/2013 2:36PM
The National Anthem
Dear Tiny, As a returning disabled Vet, I have given a great deal of thought, about this very same question. The answer for me is that people should feel free to use it as they feel fit. Freedom of speech, is what I spilled my blood for. I do not hold the opinion that our National Anthem is over used. I served in the Army in the 160th signal brigade. Just to keep it short. I was shot and left for dead in southern Iraq. Five months later I was rescued by a group of Marines. I have since been toasted at a bunch of homecoming events, and church events. Yes I do believe that the National Anthem can become trite for the masses. However, you being a part of the entertainment industry may, I think, will may understand. You just are not the target audience. Karl
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