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I am so thrilled to be in the area and get to learn more about you the listeners.  A few things about myself?  Here it goes.  I have been in the radio industry for around 15 years, which is hard to believe.  I began my career in Lynchburg, VA, continued in Radford, VA and now am proud to call myself a resident of PA.  My love for Country music runs deep.  If I could pick one song, which is absolutely a tough decision, I'd choose The Tin Man by Kenny Chesney.  I'm a lover of Billy Joel, America, the Virginia Tech Hokies and my dog Bingo.  It's a simple life, but it makes sense considering my affiliation with the best music on Earth.  I look forward to getting to know you and appreciate your continued support and love for all of us here at WAYZ.

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by Nicole Williams posted Apr 18 2015 8:31AM
James Minchin III

If you're one of those people who believe in the star power of BEYONCÉ, then put your money on MIRANDA LAMBERT winning Entertainer of the Year on Sunday.

She endorsed her in a post on social media, and then Miranda retweeted it and wrote, "This just happened. Whaaaaa?!"

Speaking of the ACMs, "People" wondered who her date will be since BLAKE SHELTON is cohosting with LUKE BRYAN.

She said, quote, "Last year it was my grandmother, and I brought my brother before. This year, it's ASHLEY MONROE. She's [my] best friend. She's going to sit with me and be my date."

One last thing: Miranda revealed that she cowrote a song called "Two Of A Crime" for the movie "Hot Pursuit". That's the comedy starring REESE WITHERSPOON and SOFIA VERGARA, and it'll be out May 8th.

Picture courtesy of James Minchin III
by Nicole Williams posted Apr 6 2015 11:17AM

Chance LaCasse of Merrimack, New Hampshire is 19 years old. He looks MAYBE 12.

But in spite of that . . . he's been walking around pretending to be a police officer. It would be adorable if he WAS a little kid . . . but he's not. And he's been packing a REAL gun with him.

He went into an ice cream shop last week in a full New Hampshire State Police uniform with a gun on his hip. Someone spotted him and thought it looked like a little kid playing dress up . . . and they called the REAL cops.

They pulled him over and arrested him . . . and he's been charged with one felony count of impersonating a police officer.

(ABC 9 - Manchester)

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