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Not Another Weather Post, Rather A Post About Getting Weather

by JD posted May 31 2013 10:09PM
Sitting here on the verge of another weekend, I'm reminded once again of technology and the ways we rely on it and the pitfalls of same.

What do I mean? OK, I use an app for the current temperature when I'm on air. Usually it's reasonably accurate, but just now I checked it and it told me the temp was 82. OK that's probably true, given the weather lately. It also told me it was sunny out, which was disproved by a quick peek out the window.

That's all true, and I use it to illustrate a point: it can be problematic to rely too much on technology. So then I had an idea: why don't I go get an old-school mercury thermometer? That way I won't need some device to tell me what the temperature is.

Maybe I will do that. In the meantime, I guess I could get it off the internet, right? Wrong. I went to the NWS website and it told me the current temp was NA, which I suppose is another way of saying that some piece of technology was not working properly, which just proves my point again.

So that's why I've got "mercury thermometer" on my shopping list. Maybe I can get one of those cool tin-framed ones. If I can find one. Do hardware stores carry them? I'll start looking there.

If you're still reading, thanks. That was a tangent, even for me. Cheers.
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05/31/2013 10:09PM
Not Another Weather Post, Rather A Post About Getting Weather
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