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Odd News, 6/12

by JD posted Jun 13 2013 12:11AM

The Odd News File

June 12, 2013

Over the weekend, a couple got married in Chicora, in western Pennsylvania.  One of their invited guests brought a woman named Jennifer Martz as his plus-one.  And she saw that as an opportunity to STEAL from the new bride and groom. During the reception, someone noticed a bunch of cards were missing from the gift table . . . and also noticed Jennifer hustling toward the bathroom. Other female guests chased her down and saw her trying to FLUSH the cards down the toilet while she stuffed $475 in cash and $80 in checks IN HER BRA. The police came and arrested her for theft.  The groom's brother says the entire thing, quote, "ruined the whole time for everybody."

On Sunday, 17-year-old Keddy Oliver of Westbury, New York quit his job at a Target in nearby Hicksville.  And on the way out, he walked up to a family with two small children in the parking lot . . . and ROBBED THEM. He pretended he had a gun in his pocket and demanded money.  The mother gave him some, then Keddy took off. But it was pretty easy for Target to help the police figure out who the thief was . . . since, you know, he'd quit LITERALLY minutes earlier.  The cops tracked him down at home. He was arrested on two counts of robbery and two counts of endangering the welfare of a child.

Last April, in Hesse, in western Germany, a bank clerk FELL ASLEEP on his keyboard.  At the time, he was transferring $85 into a customer's account.  But when he fell asleep, his hand landed on the "2." And he accidentally transferred 222,222,222.22 in Euros into the account.  That's the equivalent of 295.7 million U.S. dollars.  His supervisor DIDN'T NOTICE, and the transfer went through. The guy who was suddenly hundreds of millions of dollars richer either didn't notice or was TOO ETHICAL to withdraw it all. Another coworker ended up spotting the error and fixing it.  The clerk who made the mistake wasn't fired . . . but the supervisor who missed the mistake WAS.  She'd been an employee at the bank for 26 years. This is in the news now because a labor court in Germany ruled the supervisor only should've been reprimanded, not fired.  So they ordered the bank to reinstate her.     

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06/13/2013 12:11AM
Odd News, 6/12
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