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AJ Silver here! I lived in Lancaster CA until I was about 4, and have spent the remainder of my years in the Tri State area. I LOVE every aspect of my job every day!! I love to have a good time, and make sure I enjoy every second. I am a huge fan of music, film, and art! I love supporting local artists and have Aj's Artistic Freedom, so send your work to my email below! Just include a picture of your "art" and a short bio. I always love hearing from you so hit me up in the studio or through Facebook by clicking the link below! I like to have too much fun, so make sure you hook me up with stories (and pics) from your CRAZY weekends (or not so crazy)! We can compare!!! Cheers!

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Silver Lining

by AJ Silver posted Sep 30 2013 12:43PM

According to an absurd new study, one out of eight men say they'd rather get the new iPHONE than a GIRLFRIEND. As for the guys who already have girlfriends, 8% say they'd dump their girlfriend if they got a new iPhone or Android smart phone in return.
What's the laziest thing you've ever done? Here are some of the best ones we've heard: "I ordered underwear from Amazon with overnight delivery because I didn't want to do laundry" . . . "I didn't want to go upstairs to pee so I went in the kitty litter box" . . . "I let my dog lick my armpits clean" . . . and "I wore pants in 100-degree weather to avoid having to shave my legs."
According to a new poll, 66% of men regularly go to movies they know they'll hate . . . because it's what their DATE wants to see. And 27% say it's because sitting through a lame movie is better than FIGHTING about it. 27% have also taken a date to a see a BAND they don't like, and 13% of women have promised “FAVORS” in return.
According to a new survey, the average woman spends about $30,000 on her face in her adult life. Between tons of different types of makeup, moisturizer, lotion, and face wipes, the average woman spends about $450 every year on makeup . . . or just under $30,000 in 65 years as an adult.
According to a new study, drinking alcohol actually IMPROVES memory in about 80% of seniors. But for the other 20%, it can bring on ALZHEIMER'S.

09/30/2013 12:43PM
Silver Lining
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