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Three Hectic (But Good) Days

by JD posted Sep 10 2013 10:57PM
What a weekend it was...Pickin' In the Panhandle Friday and Saturday and the Walk with Tori Sunday. It was my first time attending both of these events and I have to say I was extremely impressed with both, although I must also admit I all but collapsed from exhaustion when I got home Sunday evening.

For starters, being at Shiley Acres for Pickin' I couldn't help but note the number of people there who had a strong love for bluegrass music. The performers' zest for the music was infectious and spread through the audience. It was a great thing to behold. Also, those of us in attendance from the radio station were given a warm and friendly welcome from everyone who stopped by our tent to say hello. When we went onstage for announcements we were greeted enthusiastically. In such an environment it is impossible not to have a great time.

Then on Sunday, the walk brought out all kinds of people united in a cause: to support Tori and raise money towards research and development for a cure for scleraderma. It was very heartening to be a part of such a unifying event, and hopefully Tori's courage in coming forward and sharing her own experience will help to raise public awareness of the condition as all those involved continue to work towards the goal of eradicating scleraderma.
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09/10/2013 10:57PM
Three Hectic (But Good) Days
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